Route of Sea(Path 66-Rescue Mission Part Two)

Serene started her attack by shooting a few laser coated sword bullets towards it, but it dodged them and swam towards them. The injured soldier charged his pocket knife with bolt aura and threw it towards Kiarsk, but it was missed.
“Take that!” Kairos charged his cannons with flame aura and launched a few heat waves towards it but it was missed too. It rammed Nastra onto the “cliff” of Sta Island and bit his leg, but he quickly charged his knuckles with bolt aura and launched a few wave punch attack towards it. They were both electrocuted, but only Nastra was injured and fainted. Kiarsk swam away from him and continued to charge towards the others.
“Fyen, rescue your boyfriend. I’ll take care of that demonic fish,” Serene told her. She quickly dashed towards Nastra and tried to recover him. At the meantime, the soldier healed himself and dashed towards Kiarsk, but it flapped its tails and he was thrown towards Fyen. They crashed the “cliff” again and injured. Creise took the chance by launching a few crescent shaped slash waves towards it and it was injured, yet it quickly healed itself.
“….” Kiarsk howled a few wave pulses towards them, but Kairos cancelled them by shooting the same wave pulses. Creise threw her khérista in a projectile motion. It broke its tail, but it was recovered quickly. Everyone was shocked by such fast and powerful recovery. They were all smashed onto the ground when it swam towards them, spun itself in a horizontal formation and rammed them from above.
“Tch…this is not the end yet,” Serene charged her blade guns with ice aura and launched the blades on her guns towards it. It dodged them and they were teleported back onto the guns’ barrels. It dived downwards; trying to bite her, but Kairos woke up and shot a few sonar wave pulses towards it and it was pushed away. Waryl, who was 1 meter away from it, charged his sword with bolt aura and cross slashed it, but it was unharmed. He quickly dashed away from it, knowing that it will try to bite him.
“Curses…where is its weak spot?” Creise charged her khérista and launched a few circular slash waves towards Kiarsk, but they were dodged. Oddly, it seemed that every dodged attack were at the sides rather than above and below of its body. Then, it dashed towards Fyen, who was healing herself, after Nastra and the soldier were recovered. She sensed its movement and shot a few rotating screw bullets. It went into its mouth and pierced through his body. It quickly swam away from her.
“Die, evil beast,” Creise dashed towards Kiarsk in close range. She threw the khérista thought its mouth as if it was a lance and it was turned into dusts. They all had some rest on the seabed, knowing that the fight has caused some exhaustion on them.
“This is such a crazy fight,” Creise sighed.
“Cos’ you attack that piranha at such a close range?” Kairos bad mouthed her. She quickly pinched his stomach.
“You are much suck than me, bastard!” Creise scolded him. A few minutes later, a sound portal appeared.
“I’m afraid you’ll have to leave here right now. There is an old abandoned cave at the north east from the place you are now. Just go ahead. We’ll catch up with you later,” Wrenfa told them and closed the communication.
“Bask Island…looks like I’m almost home after all,” Fyen sighed. Just when they wanted to swim northwards,
“Take this! It will be very useful when you are in the cave,” He threw six mining axes towards them. They took one each and continued their swimming. The next holy item will be theirs, but it will not be that easy….


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