Route of Sea(Path 67-The Test)

Three days later, they all arrived at the cave. As usual, the entrance is on the seabed and it requires diving deep inside to enter. Serene was anxious looking at the entrance.
“Are you nervous or what?” Waryl asked her. She tightened her grip on her blade guns.
“I just worried if I’ll lose this time. My blade guns seemed to be reaching their limits,” Serene sighed.
“Don’t worry. I know you can do it,” Kairos approached her and told her. She nodded and dived into the cave. The entrance was sealed to prevent anyone from attempting to enter the cave. In the cave,
“Hmm…this place looks exactly like the previous one. But it seems that the enemy isn’t here,” Serene walked towards the altar and she was teleported towards the realm of saint again. This time, the seabed was way deep that it was not seen; perhaps the sea itself is a bottomless pit. A sorcerer wearing purple robe with a jade wand appeared in front of her.
“Let’s start the fight!” He charged himself with flame aura and cast flame astraea on her. She dashed towards him while dodging the heat waves launched from the magic circles formed above her head and below her legs. He charged his wand and shot a few laser beams towards her but she dodged it. She attempted to charge her blade gun and stab the laser coated blades, but her attack was blocked by his wand.
“This dude is very persistent. I need some new tactics,” Serene kept her blade guns into her dimensional storage and took out a pair of rocket launchers. She charged them with frost aura and shot a few freezing rockets. He charged his wand and formed a barrier. Yet, the rockets hit the barrier and ice was formed on it, hindering his sights. He broke the barrier along with the ice and launched the debris towards them. She dashed away from the debris to prevent any damage.
“That trick won’t work on me. Prepare to lose!” He charged his wand with photons and shot some rainbow shaped laser beams, which loops towards her in the rainbow formation. She threw them away and took out a piece of mirror. The beams were reflected back towards him. She took out her blade guns again and dashed towards him. Yet, he absorbed them into his wand and shot a laser blast on her. It hit her and she was pushed 50 meters away.
“What the….” She was unable to move. He charged his wand with frost aura and launched a freezing beam. Suddenly, she recovered and dodged the freezing beam. Yet, she was exhausted.
“Tired already? I’ll send you back,” He charged his wand with bolt aura and launched a few encased bolt strikes towards her. She absorbed them into her blade guns and shot them back towards him. He dodged them, but she quickly teleported to his back and cross slashed him. He fell into the pit and disappeared. Then, the Ladrefin(God of storage)’s box appeared in front of her.
“Get the last item and I’ll see you soon,” A mysterious sound appeared and she was teleported back to the seabed. Then, another sound portal appeared.
“I received reports that Bask Island will be attacked so I hope that you’ll investigate this. Fyen, defend your hometown,” Marsei told them and closed the communication.
“You are from there?” Serene was surprised by his statement.
“Yes. It is very far from the place I first met you,” Fyen told her. “Let’s go. I’ll take you for some tours,” They continued to swim eastwards. This is their next rest….


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