Route of Sea(Path 69-Sweet Talk)

Fyen was sitting on the ground, looking at Acenil Lyriay, her mother.
“So, how is your life after so many years of leaving home? I know you like to travel across the globe, but I’m sure that you don’t like that after all,” Acenil bad mouthed her.
“Your habit of bad mouthing hasn’t changed after all, eh? I heard that you quarreled with the neighbor because father ordered them to clean their house and they refused to,” She stood up and leaned against the wooden wall. She felt nostalgic of the house’s condition.
“You know my mouth ‘come from the realm of satan’, right? So, it can’t be helped,” She laughed evilly. Fyen felt awkward of her response.
“So, how is my boyfriend? What do you think of him?” Fyen looked outside. The residential area was as peaceful as usual.
“I don’t know, but I think he has treated you very well, I must say. Only you really know who he is. Your heart is clearer than ever when you are in love and it should always be that,” She reminded Fyen. She walked outside for some wandering around, perhaps to spread flames around the community.
“Mother, can you stop that?” Fyen sat down on the chair Acenil was sitting earlier. A few seconds later, Nastra and Orsio went inside the house. They seemed a little bit tired.
“This dude gone berserk when he fight against me. Yet, he is indeed a worthy person for you. Enjoy yourselves,” Orsio told her and went inside his room. “She will need something ‘umph’ if she wants to continue,”
“Well, I passed your parents’ side, but I doubt if you will pass my parents’ side. They want me to have kids,” Nastra sighed. Fyen was shocked upon hearing that and took out her sniper gun.
“How many times I’ve told you that I hate kids?” Fyen aimed the gun on his forehead.
“Shoot me. I know I can’t persuade my parents to change their mind,” Nastra lied on the wall, waiting for her to shoot him. A few second later, she kept her sniper gun in her dimensional storage.
“Well, there is a reason why I hate kids. My brother was killed in a fight when he was 7. His opponent injured him badly before he was finished. I don’t want my child died that way,” Tears dropped from her eyes. She looked outside again.
“Now I see. It can’t be helped. Fighting has its own risks that we can’t avoid. Every fight that we face might send us to the realm of graves. What we can do is fight our best,” Nastra went towards her and wiped her tears.
“I know. Someday, I’ll go out from this trauma,” Fyen tightened her fists. Suddenly, Orsio went out from his room, with a sniper gun. The sniper scope was rotatable and much longer than hers, with a handle which has a button. The weapon seemed to me modeled after the esquadria.
“Isn’t that you wanted to destroy it?” Fyen wondered why the weapon was still there.
“I thought that I wanted to pass this to you. The erkefia is yours now. Use it to exterminate the weapons,” Orsio handed the weapon to her. “I know you are with the chosen one. Good luck in your mission,”
“Thanks. I’ll come back after I settled with his parents,” They left the house and went back to the statue.
“Let’s go. Marsei said that we will have meeting with the Lhanaz clan three days from now so we have to move fast,” Serene told everyone. They left the area and continued their journey. The meeting will soon be disastrous….


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