Route of Sea(Path 70-Disaster of Talking Part One)

A few days later, they arrived at Corscaf Island. This was the first time Serene left the sea as the headquarters was above the sea level. The houses are relatively small and scattered around the land.
“This is the first time by body feels the air. It feels just as nice,” Serene felt the sea air.
“Air at here would be definitely making you feel nice, but at some places it will make you feel very sick,” Waryl reminded her. A few seconds later, Janus walked out from a blue house.
“Welcome. Perhaps this is quite shocking to you as our headquarters are just as simple as a house. Let’s go,” He told everyone. Then, they walked inside. Erpha was waiting inside while sting on a chair. Oddly, only two additional chairs was there surrounding a wooden round table.
“Marsei, Wrenfa. I’m glad that you have come. The islands east of us were attacked by a few demons, perhaps they were trying to prevent anyone from entering some place. We’ll talk later after those unrelated ones get lost a first,” Erpha told everyone. Serene and the others walked outside and looked at the snows.
“Perhaps there is something confidential to the clan is there so we have to get lost, I must say,” Janus told everyone. A few seconds later, a barrier was formed around the house and it was exploded.
“Now I see why you chased them out. You don’t want anyone of them get injured if the demons attack them. Let’s see if any demons appear for me to slay,” Marsei took out his white gold sword, waiting for any dark portals to appear. A few seconds later, Trinphel appeared in front of them. Wrenfa quickly charged herself with bolt aura and cast bolt covalanax on her, but she moved away from the magic circles away and rammed Erpha towards the barrier. Serene and the others were shocked when they looked at the battle.
“Boss…damn….” He charged himself with non elemental aura and crashed inside the barrier. She threw his sword towards him and dashed towards Erpha. The shockwave formed by her dashing ripped Marsei’s coat, preventing him from attacking her. Erpha charged her wand and formed a laser barrier on himself. She launched cross shaped wave slash attack on him, but it only broke the barrier. Erpha quickly stabbed her a few times with his Arscilia (a special type of diamond made from mixing 20% of diamond, 40% of topaz and 40% of aquamarine through melting) blade wand, but she was unharmed and launched another wave slash attack. This time, Marsei blocked it with his stainless steel sword. It was shattered into pieces.
“You can’t defeat us easily, you bastard!” Marsei launched a few wave punch attacks towards her. She was pushed a few meters away. Wrenfa quickly cast flame astraea on her. She was hit by the spell, but she absorbed some of the spell and stabbed it onto the ground. Flames were filling the barrier.
“Screw you, demon!” Erpha cast extinguish and the flames were wiped out. Janus took out his scythe and launched a few right slanted slash waves but they were reflected. Wrenfa charged herself with yin yang aura and cast yin yang astraea on her, but she absorbed the spell into her sword and stabbed the ground again. Janus dashed towards her while charging his scythe with metal aura and slashed the sword. It was cracked and the attack was cancelled. She teleported herself away and the barrier was disappeared.
“This is really a bad day for us, I must say,” Erpha healed everone. “Let’s talk on the ground. Jauns, bring them for some tours,”
“Yes,” He teleported himself and the others away. The disaster is not over yet….


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