Route of Sea(Path 71-Disaster of Talking Part Two)

While Serene and the others walked around the island,
“Where are we going?” Serene asked Janus. She felt that there was nothing for sightseeing in the island.
“My house. I come from this island. This island, unlike other islands, is deserted. Only people from my clan live here to defend the headquarters. That house was just one of them. I don’t know how he’ll sleep tonight,” Janus told her.
“I don’t know how you spend Gleds here, if this place really that deserted,” Kairos felt weird of what he said.
“There are shops and bars around here, but they are not as good as the ones on other northern islands. Well, this is my house,” They have arrived at Janus’s house, which was painted blue, with two floors height and made from water resistant wood. Suddenly, Insris, a wolf assaulted them from the back. Creise was bitten on her back. Nastra attempted to punch it but it released its bite and leaped towards him. He was bitten as well.
“What a troublesome animal….” Serene changed the cartridges with spherical bullets cartridge and shot a few bullets towards it, but it swung its tail and deflected them. It spun itself and its back leg was landed on Nastra’s shoulder. It extended its claws and Nastra was further injured.
“Get lost, will you?” Waryl tried to catch it but it leaped towards Fyen and he was fell onto the ground instead. Fyen jumped away from Insris, but it quickly leaped towards her again. Suddenly, it smelled some meat nearby and walked towards Janus.
“Poor little wolf…here’s your meat,” He fed Insris with a few fishes and it walked away from them.
“What is actually happening?” Nastra healed himself.
“Its owner was gone for a few days to catch fish. Perhaps it was hungry and feel stressed,” Janus answered him. He looked at it and felt pity for it. They continued to walk inside the house, but Niaxil, Trinphel’s brother, appeared. His Arkinz (a composite material made from 25% diamond, 25% fiberglass, 30% of titanium and 20% of kaolin) nephlanir was shining with his Neribul (a composite material made from 30% of platinum, 30% of quartz and 40% of marble) armor. The nephanir seemed to be made by welding three mining axes of the same material at the end of the handle.
“My sister was defeated, but I will not!” He threw it in remote control mode and took out his salamander rocket launcher. He launched the rockets, forcing everyone leaving the house by teleportation. The house was crumbled and he was buried by the wooden pieces, but he woke up unharmed, covered by a barrier which disappeared a few seconds later. Serene charged her blade guns and launched the blades towards him, but he caught the blades and threw them back towards her.
“Take this!” Fyen charged her erkefia with flame aura and shot a few flame bullets on him but they were blocked while forming some grass shaped laser beams slanting backwards, injuring Waryl who was attempting to attack him from the back from the side. Creise quickly threw her khérista as if it was a lance while casting flame astraea on him, but he formed a laser barrier from the grass shaped laser and blocked the attack and spell.
“Weaklings…I’ll deal with you later,” he teleported himself away, making Kairos’s sonar wave pulse attack missed.
“Trinphel and Niaxil…I will defeat you with my own hands,” Serene changed his cartridge with screw & sword hybrid bullet cartridge and shot a few bullets to the sky. They walked back to the place the clan leaders talking. They will receive their next mission soon….


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