Route of Sea(Path 72-Assignment Part One)

They waited for 10 minutes. The clan leaders were still talking.
“That demon…I can’t imagine why he is such a powerful one,” Serene mumbled to herself. A few minutes later, they finished talking. Marsei and Wrenfa walked towards them.
“Looks like we have to deal with the demons in the east. The southern side of Cyon Island was attacked by demons and they might be attacking one week from now. We have to go now,” Marsei told everyone.
“Whoa, looks like we have another battle mission here. If it is another demon, I’ll slay them,” Serene tightened her grip on her gun. They left the island and went southwards. Five days later, they arrived at Nisfea, an underwater village near the southern end of the Cyon Island. The houses were arranged diagonally upwards, with the town hall located at the northeastern corner. Some houses were broken while some others were in reconstruction.
“Hmm…I guess this town is now under some sort of repairing,” Serene felt slightly sad when she saw some workers were repairing some houses.
“The demons around here are really more powerful this time. No wonder we can’t defeat that bastard,” Waryl replied her. They walked around the town to see if they can get any upgrades. Suddenly, Niaxil appeared again. This time, Serene and the others gone berserk.
“You bastard…get lost!” Serene took out her rocket launcher, charged the rocket with bolt aura and shot them towards him. He dodged them, but the explosion created an encased bolt cage. Bolt strikes were launched towards him from the cage, but he was unharmed. He even absorbed them into his nephlanir, but he was plus slashed by Waryl at his back. The nephlanir was broken into three mining axes when Fyen shot a few rotating bullets towards him. He quickly recovered the weapon and slashed Waryl. He was crashed onto a house which was in repairing.
“You can’t beat us underwater!” Nastra charged his knuckles with holy aura and dashed towards him, but he threw his neplanir. The attack was blocked, but he was hit by an encased toxin covalanax spell. He was poisoned and fell down onto the seabed slowly.
“You are not attempting this, demon,” Serene took out her magnum cannon and shot a laser blast on him.
“Looks like they are much powerful under the sea. I’ll deal with them later,” He teleported himself away. A few seconds later, a dark portal appeared. Giousp, a sea serpent emerged from it. It quickly dashed toward them, but they jumped and dodged them. Yet, it moved towards Serene as if it was a light beam reflected on a mirror. Waryl quickly charged his sword with frost aura and slashed at its left, yet it healed itself.
“This one is much larger than the anaconda,” Serene dashed away from it. Creise charged her khérista with bolt aura and threw it into its mouth. It was electrocuted but it healed itself again.
“Aaaaaargh!” Serene took out her machine gun and swept lots of bullets oh it. It was unable to heal itself and turned into dusts. Serene seemed to be exhausted.
“Now I see why you can’t go berserk. You flow a lot of bolt aura into the bullets. I just can’t imagine how much aura that you used up. You will have to rest,” Waryl went towards her and had she drank a bottle of aura potion and a bottle of stamina potion.
“So, what should we do now? Our bosses seemed to be dating for now,” Fyen who saw them sitting on a coffee shop told everyone.
“Let’s rest somewhere. That fight is more tiring than usual,” Kairos told everyone. They left the town and had some nap on the seabed. Their peace last too short….


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