Route of Sea(Path 73-Deep Pressure Part One)

A few hours later, they woke up and surprised that Wrenfa appeared on an image portal.
“How long I’ve waited for you? We have an emergency near the Phlinq Trench, somewhere between Dlag, Diz and Dia islands. It is confirmed as the last defense line of the demons. Thanks to other clans which helped from our south, the area is now secure. Please come quickly,” Wrenfa scolded them.
“Those scumbags’ hideout, eh? Let’s crush them once and for all!” They quickly swam northeastwards and arrived there four days later. It was 15 kilometers deep, requiring pressure barrier to dive inside, which had a cylindrical shape. Looking from top of the trench giving an eerie feeling, as if someone was falling into it if this was the land instead.
“Take this. This will protect you,” A soldier who was patrolling on the trench gave them everyone a pressure capsule. They kept it into their dimensional storages, knowing that having it is sufficient to keep it. They started their deep diving. Despite that their bodies do not felt the increasing pressure, but their movements starting to consume more stamina as they diving deeper. At the meantime, at the bottom of the trench,
“This is our last chance. Trinphel, Niaxil, go to the Rhineo cave and corrupt the final holy item. The rest, kill anyone who dare to step in,” A mysterious sound ordered the demons. They quickly left the area through teleportation. Back to Serene and the others,
“I wondered how ‘The journal of deep exploration’ can be written if this trench is very deep,” Fyen asked everyone.
“They are expert divers compared to us so they know how to handle the pressure very well. In fact, there were no demons lurking here like what happens now,” Creise answered her. Suddenly, Kiersk, a skeleton with bones made from diamond appeared in front of them when they were 3.5km deep.
“You aren’t going further in,” He took out his stainless steel bow and shot some diamond arrows towards them.
“My bone crusher won’t be usable here…damn….” Waryl caught the arrow and threw it back towards him, but he dodged it and shot six arrows simultaneously towards them. They quickly dodged them.
“If we just bust it in it will definitely stab us with one of arrows. This might work,” Serene charged her blade guns with evil aura and launched the blades towards it, but they were all dodged and the blades returned to the original positions. Waryl teleported to its back attempted tried to slash it at his back, but he took out and arrow and cross slash him. Yet, Nastra dashed towards it while charging his knuckles with acid aura and he was punched a few times. Then he knocked him down to the bottom using his legs. He smashed onto the ground, but the bones were slightly cracked and they were healed quickly.
“Your attack is not strong enough to defeat me. Try again if you dare,” It took out a diamond arrow, charged it with non-elemental aura and shot it directly upwards. After it traveled for 300 meters, the arrow exploded into lots of small arrows and fell down randomly. The barrier spell cast by them is insufficient to defend themselves and they were injured.
“I’ll finish you first,” Kiersk took out another arrow and dashed towards Serene.
“Don’t ever think about it, moron,” Serene charged her bullets with photons and shot a laser beam coated screw & sword hybrid bullet. The bullet is shaped like a sword, but the end of the bullet has structure of a screw. It formed clusters of smaller bullets directed towards it. It was injured and dashed away from her. The bones won’t be crushed easily….


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