Route of Sea(Path 74-Deep Pressure Part Two)

Kiersk healed itsself and kept the bow in its dimensional storage. It took out a mortal slasher spear. It was 2 meters long with 2 centimeters radius. The tip is shaped like a knife blade. It was made from Titar (a composite material made from 25% of titanium, 25% of diamond, 25% of carbon and 25% of porcelain). He charged it with metal aura and threw it towards Serene.
“Again?” Serene dodged it and shot a few bullets towards Kiersk, but the spear was moving towards her again and it dodged the attack. Waryl healed himself and blocked it using his bone crusher sword. Then he switched to his tipla (an alloy made from 50% titanium and 50% platinum) sword and slashed it a few times. It returned to Kiersk.
“Smart….” Just when it started to taunt them, Nastra quickly dashed towards it and launched a wind blade punch through his knuckles charged with wind aura. Wind blades surrounded his arms, damaging it further. Yet, such attack damaged his arms and he dashed away from it.
“You….” It healed itself and dashed towards Nastra, but Kairos blocked its way and knocked his cannon on it, but three barrels were destroyed and exploded instead. With the remaining barrel, Kairos charged his cannon and shot a few sonar wave pulses on it. It was unharmed, but it was pushed a few meters away.
“Take this!” Creise held the blade of her khérista and dashed towards it. Suddenly, she was stabbed at her back.
“I’m not losing yet, you know. Trying to attack me gives you the damage, that’s the undetectable intention reflect spell,” It taunt them.
“Insolent fool,” Serene charged herself with flame aura and cast flame covalanax on it. It was unharmed by the spell, but the intention reflect spell which was cast on everyone was cancelled. Creise continued to dash towards it. She stabbed the khérista and pulled it out, dealing some damaged on it, but it quickly used its spear and slashed her right arm and leg.
“Mortality…is it fatal?” She became weak and dashed away from it.
“Is this what you’ve got? I have more powers than you’ve ever thought!” It charged its spear and swung it in a circular formation. Lots of slash waves were launched, scattering everywhere.
“Curse you!” Serene charged her blade guns with positrons and photons. She shot a positron laser blast and the attack was canceled. Everyone was healing themselves, including Kiersk. Serene charged her blade gun with positrons and photons again, but this time, her blade guns were jammed.
“Let me do this, Serene. Have some rest,” Waryl charged his sword with positrons and launched a few slash waves towards it but they were dodged instead. Yet, he teleported to its back and launched a few wave slash attacks towards it and shot another positron blast on it. It was turned into dusts.
“Damn…this battle is very hard.  I just can’t imagine how tough this skeleton is,” Serene recovered her blade guns and sighed. She looked above her. It seemed that either they dived too deep or thunderstorm started to rage the sea.
“You can’t expect the leader of the demons who block our route of sea is a weakling you know. I sensed there are a few more deep down here,” Waryl reminded to everyone that their mission is not finished yet. At the meantime,
“It was finally deleted, eh? You, go and fight them when they go deeper. I’ll stay here,” The mysterious sound ordered someone.
“I understand, my boss. I’ll buy them some time,” A demon dived upwards. Another hard fight ensues….


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