Route of Sea(Path 75-Deep Pressure Part Three)

After they had some sleep using sleeping bags when they were 7km deep, they continued to dive. When they were 8km deep, Phransk, another dragon, which is another minion of demon lord, appeared from below.
“Someone from my species has died from your hands, I guess. I will kill you as revenge!” It dashed towards Serene, but she changed the cartridges with wave bullet and shot a few wave pulses towards it. Waryl and Nastra attempted to attack it from its sides but several poisonous scales were launched, forcing them to block the attack.
“You think you can sneak around and attack me? I’m not that loser, you know,” It howled a few heat waves towards Serene, but Kairos dashed towards her, charged his cannons with frost aura and launched a few freezing wave pulses. Both waves cancelled each other. Creise dashed towards its back and attempted to launch a few circular slash waves towards it but they were deflected away towards Fyen, who was aiming her erkefia on its eye. Her shots deflected them back towards it.
“Damn…I must knock someone out from the consciousness,” It howled a few encased bolt wave pulses but Serene and Kairos dodged them and shot a few wave pulses towards it. Phransk avoided them and dashed towards Waryl.
“Get lost, demon,” Waryl charged his sword with toxin aura and slashed from its left, but it was unharmed and he was poisoned by the poisonous scales launched towards him. He dashed away from it, trying to restore himself. Suddenly, it was hit by a few crescent shaped punch waves towards it. It quickly dashed towards Nastra while healing itself. Creise who was at its side charged her khérista and threw it towards Phransk as if it was a lance, but it was reflected when it swung its tail.
“Curse you,” Fyen charged her erkefia with wind and sky auras. She shot a few cyclone burst shots towards it. The bullets were rotating speedily, generating a tornado shaped cyclone at its back. It tried to repel the bullets using its tail, but it pierced through instead and it was injured. Nastra took the chance and launched a few punch waves towards its tail, but it managed to heal itself and reflected them.
“Insolent fools,” It spun around and launched lots of poisonous scales towards everyone, but they quickly defended themselves by casting wall. Yet, just after the attack was finished the wall was shattered. They started to feel exhausted. Serene charged her blade guns with photons and shot a few laser beams towards it. This time it was avoided instead of repelled.
“This is not good, I must say. But I do see something…” Creise charged her khérista with bolt aura and threw it upwards.
“I know what you meant, Creise,” Kairos charged his cannons and shot a few sonar wave pulses towards it. The khérista launched some spark strikes towards Phransk, which hit it and got electrocuted. Yet, it dashed towards the weapon and bit the blades. It was electrocuted again, but the blades were destroyed into bits as well.
“Now!” Fyen charged her erkefia with astro and rock auras. She launched a few asteroids towards it, but it quickly deflected the shots away. Nastra dashed towards it and attempted to attack it but it quickly launched poisonous scales again. This time, teleported himself to the opposite side and launched a few punch waves towards it. It was injured, but the poisonous scales were launched towards him again.
“Damn…how should we defeat him?” Kairos charged his cannons and shot a few sonar wave pulses, missing it on purpose. The fight is not over yet….


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