Route of Sea(Path 76-Deep Pressure Part Four)

This time, the wave pulses hit it as it attempted to dodge the missing wave. Fyen charged her erkefia and did the same with the laser beams and they were hit as well. But when Serene shot a few laser beams towards its back, it charged its tail and reflected them at high speed. The laser beams hit her and she was heavily injured.
“I did that on purpose so that you mislead yourself, fools. Now it’s time to show me true strength,” It charged itself with flame aura and howled heat waves on them. They were injured, but they quickly healed themselves.
“Wait…what if I do this?” Creise charged herself with frost aura. Phransk sensed that and dashed towards her while launching poisonous scales towards her. Waryl quickly dashed towards her and blocked its attack. It continued to dash and rammed Waryl to the “cliff”. Creise dashed away from it and launched a few crescent slash waves towards it but it was deflected towards Nastra.
“This evil dragon become smarter…but I know how deal with this way smarter than it,” Kairos charged the barrels with metal aura, dashed towards Nastra and knocked the slash waves back towards Phransk. It attempted to deflect them again but this time it was damaged instead. It quickly launched poisonous scales again. Waryl suddenly cross slashed it and the attack was stopped. Fyen charged her erkefia with yin yang and wood auras, and then shoot a few yin yang blocks towards it.
“Tch….” Phransk dived downwards and the bullets almost hit Nastra.
“Don’t say sorry, Fyen,” Nastra dived downwards and launched a few punch waves towards it but it dodged them and rammed him on the “cliff” again. Suddenly, Waryl appeared and stabbed his sword into its body.
“No!” Serene charged her blade guns with positrons and photons. She shot the blast again, but it quickly dived downwards while dragging Waryl downwards. Nastra teleported himself away and avoided the blast. Some rocks fell down, hitting Waryl, who was trying to pull his sword out, and Phransk.
“Aaaaargh!” Waryl swung his sword upwards and it injured Phransk. He quickly healed himself and dived upwards.
“You scumbags! I haven’t finished yet!” It healed itself and dashed upwards. It charged its tail and launched lots of slash waves towards everyone. Waryl dashed towards its tail and cross slashed it. It was broken and the attack was cancelled, but it was quickly recovered and it was smashed towards the “cliff”.
“Oh really? Then I’ll finish you!” Kairos charged his cannons with photons and shot a pair of laser blasts towards it, but it dodged them and dashed towards Serene.
“You are forcing me to do it again,” Serene charged her blade guns with positrons and photons, and then she shot the blast again. Oddly, the attack was shielded instead and it was unharmed. While it ramming her,
“We are not surrendering here,” Fyen charged her erkefia with holy aura and shot a few cross bullets towards it, but they were deflected away when it launched a few poisonous scales.
“This is the last chance…I must do it….” Waryl cast barrier on himself and dashed towards Phransk while launching pulsar slash waves towards it. The slash waves were deflected away by the poisonous scales launched from it, but he continued to dash towards Phransk. At the moment he was near its body, he attempted to launch a plus shaped wave slash attack, but he was smashed away when it swung its tail. Suddenly,
“You are finished!” Creise charged herself with frost aura and cast frost covalanax on Phransk. Frost shards were launched from the magic circles surrounding it in a spherical formation. It was unable to defend itself and turned into dusts. Creise was fainted shortly afterwards.
“Let’s get some rest. We can’t dive in such a condition,” Serene told everyone. The demon deep down there will be much harder to deal with….


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