Route of Sea(Path 77-Deep Pressure Part Five)

At the bottom of the trench,
“Even the dragon was killed. Looks like I can’t escape my doom. But I must fight to the end,” Xiox, a golem made from marbles mumbled to itself, waiting for them to dive downwards. Back to them, while they were diving downwards while casting sunlight illumination on everyone,
“Hey, I just doubt if they are buying time for other demons to attack somewhere else,” Serene asked everyone.
“Are you sure about that? That dragon is way too strong that it was able to multitask its attacks. The one who are deep down there must be a strong enemy,” Waryl answered her.
“Don’t forget that those two are still somewhere out there,” Kairos reminded everyone. After 4 hours, they arrived at the bottom. Xiox was waiting for them. It cast a cubic barrier and sealed it. Serene was teleported inside.
“Can’t we bust it in?” Waryl asked everyone.
“No. It has intended to fight her alone so we can’t break the seal,” Creise answered her. They waited paitiently, hoping that Serene will defeat the demon.
“What do you want, huh?” Serene asked Xiox. They both stared each other. It took out a wood cutter axe. The metal blocks were designed so that it can be used for both upward and downwards slashing, making it looked like a hammer.
“An axe…this demon has enough guts to attack using such a powerful weapon. I must be careful,” Serene took out her blade guns and aimed at it. She started the attack by shooting a few bullets towards the handle of the axe but it quickly knocked it away as if it was swinging a golf club. The bullets reflected through the barrier and they hit her instead.
“This one is harder….” She dashed towards its back but it swung its axe backwards and she smashed the barrier. It dashed towards her, attempting to finish her off by swinging her axe downwards but she quickly dashed to her right. The axe was stuck in the seal and the barrier. She shot a few bullets towards it, but it quickly charged its axe and forcibly swung it backwards, forming a slash wave spreading outwards. The seal was broken, but it was quickly recovered.
“What?” Serene jumped and avoided the slash wave. She charged her blade guns with flame aura and attempted to slash its body but it blocked her attacks using its axe and swung it towards the seabed. She was smashed and got injured. She quickly jumped away from it and healed itself.
“Just because I’m a golem doesn’t meant that I’m heavy, slow and dumb,” It charged towards her like a rugby player. She shot a few rotating bullets towards it but it was unharmed. The bullets were deflected away instead.
“Its body…looks like I need to switch weapons, I guess,” She jumped away from it and took out her rocket launchers. She charged the rockets with metal aura and shot them towards it, but they were all destroyed by its axe. Yet, the shockwaves from the explosions damaged it. Cracks were visible on its body.
“I can’t let her win at all costs,” It launched a few slash waves towards her, trying to destroy her rocket launchers, but she quickly jumped away from it and launched another few, which were still charged with metal aura.
“I’m not falling into the same trap that you set earlier!” It jumped away from the rockets rather than destroying them. It charged its axe with land aura and stabbed the seabed. Shockwaves were launched towards her. She was surrounded and unable to avoid them. This battle is not over yet….


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