Route of Sea(Path 78-Deep Pressure Part Six)

She charged her rocket launchers with bolt aura and threw it towards the shockwaves. They exploded and the shockwaves formed injured both of them. They quickly healed themselves.
“This girl is much powerful that I’ve ever expected. I must be extremely careful when dealing with her,” Xiox charged its axe with bolt aura and stabbed the seabed again. Several bolt pulses were launched from the ground. Serene quickly jumped towards her, took out her machine gun and shot the bullets continuously. It blocked the attack using its axe, but the bullets destroyed the axe and it was injured. Chunks of marbles dropped onto the ground.
“This is the chance to finish it off!” Serene charged her blade guns with metal aura and dashed towards it, trying to cross slash it, but it quickly healed itself and recovered its axe. It launched a wave slash attack on her and she was injured instead. She quickly dashed away from it and healed herself again.
“This golem is indeed strong…what should I do?” Serene kept her blade guns in her dimensional storage and took out a pair of cannons instead.
“What is she trying to do?” Waryl was surprised.
“You can’t rely on weapons which deal light damage when you fight something that is extremely defensive,” Fyen answered him.
“Trying to crush me? I won’t allow that!” Xiox charged itself with evil aura and cast evil astraea on Serene.
“What? Fool,” She destroyed the magic circles formed above her head and on her feet using her cannons and shot a few metal balls towards it.
“Take this, sucker!” It swung its axe like a baseball club and knocked the metal balls back towards her. She jumped away from them, but she fell onto the seabed. She shot another few metal balls and jumped to her left, but it reflected them again by swinging its axe like a tennis racket.
“This golem is a sportsman?” Serene took out a pair of grenade shooters and launched a few grenades towards the metal balls. They were exploded and bubbles were formed, hindering their sights. Suddenly, it dashed towards her and launched wave slash attack on her. She quickly charged her cannons with metal aura and launched a few metal balls from short range.
“Tch…she is persistent,” It quickly dashed away from her. They both healed themselves. She threw her cannons away and took out her blade guns. She changed her cartridges with wave bullet cartridges.
“You are not defeating me!” It charged its axe with bolt aura and launched a few slash waves towards her. It quickly stabbed the ground and lots of ground bolt pulses towards her.
“Oh really? Perhaps you are dead by now, insolent one,” She absorbed them into her blade guns. It dashed towards her and attempted to launch wave slash attack on her again, but she teleported herself to its back and launched plus shaped wave slash attack on it while shooting bolt wave blasts. It was turned into dusts. The barrier and the seal finally dissipated.
“Good job, Serene,” Waryl praised and winked at her.
“Let’s continue our fight. We can’t let those two demons go and wreak havoc somewhere,” Serene called everyone. Suddenly, a sound portal appeared.
“You guys are not going there. Your mission now is to go get some rest Drig Island. It is an order. We’ll fend off those bastards for you,” Marsei scolded her and closed the communication.
“Alright. So, what’s your plan?” Serene asked everyone.
“I think we should get some rest, no, it should be recovery. We are under deep pressure for a few days and we should be resting for one week. Don’t worry about those scumbags. Marsei, Wrenfa and Janus can handle them,” Kairos answered her. They swam upwards, leaving the trench. At the meantime, the others were prepared to exterminate some new demons….


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