Route of Sea(Path 79-Demon Siege Part One)

Marsei, Wrenfa and Janus were on the fishing ship, docked at Nalq Island. Fogs covered the entire Island that magic circles were used as lamps to prevent accidents. Nothing else were visible, except the people walking around the port using magic circles to illuminate their sights.

“Are you sure that the rumor is true?” Janus asked Wrenfa.

“If not your boss won’t sent me here. He said that a new demon will come and attack this place. We better stay here and take precautions,” Janus took out his scythe and looked around. Suddenly, the fogs were disappeared. An arrow was launched from nowhere towards Janus. He deflected the arrow using his scythe and dived into the sea. He saw a gargoyle holding a silver bow.

“Weakling,” He charged his scythe and launched a few slash waves towards it and it was turned into dusts. Suddenly, a reaper cross slashed him at his back using its scythe. He quickly turned around and saw nothing; perhaps the sea was too dark due to night darkness.

“….” It attempted to cross slash his back again but he dodged the attack and swung his scythe backwards. He spun around it but it was disappeared. It charged its scythe with pyro (upgraded version of flame) aura but he sensed the flow of aura and swung his scythe backwards.

“I can sense you even if you are invisible. Now show yourselves!” He shouted while slashing the reaper a few time. Its cape was ripped into pieces.

“How arrogant. Don’t ever regret that you have said the words!” The reaper charged itself with metal aura and removed its cape. Liensio, a bodiless armor, which is another minion of demon lord, appeared. Its brass armor with platinum sword looked odd, perhaps due to aluminum oxide and ether coating.

“You think I can’t defeat you?” He charged his scythe with thunder (upgraded version of bolt) aura. The side blades shifted away slightly from the central blade. Encased thunder sparks were launched through the gaps between the blades. It jumped and launched a few slash waves towards him. He rolled on the seabed and avoided the attack. Exhaustion started to dampen his movements.

“Tired? Your equipment seemed to be too heavy, I think,” It charged it sword with sub-zero (upgraded version of frost) aura and stabbed the ground. Oddly, nothing happened. He gave an evil smile and teleported to its back. He attempted to plus slash it but it was frozen instead. It walked a few meters away from him, but suddenly it heard some cracking sound.

“You think you have won, huh?” He charged himself with pyro aura and melted ice covering his body. He charged his scythe with pyro aura again and launched a few heat waves towards it, but it jumped backwards and avoided the attack. It charged its sword with earth (upgraded version of land) and stabbed the ground. A rock pillar struck up from the seabed, piercing through his left shoulder.

“I thought that you have more to give me, huh? You are such a dumb one,” He broke the pillar using his sword, pulled the pillar out and healed himself. It was shocked upon looking at such recovery.

“You are not getting away with this!” It charged its sword with acid aura and dashed towards him.

“Oh really? Perhaps this is a one straight way to death,” He charged his sword with base (upgraded version of base) and cut its armor and sword in half. It was turned to dusts. He swam back to the ship and had some rest there. At the meantime, Marsei and Wrenfa were fending off another demon….


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