Route of Sea(Path 80-Demon Siege Part Two)

While Janus dived down to the sea, a lance suddenly appeared in front of Marsei and Wrenfa.
“This must be the work of demons,” Marsei took out his titanium sword and slashed it. Suddenly, they were teleported inside an old abandoned warehouse. It was totally empty with unpainted bricks filled with concrete slabs between them. The zinc roofs were broken and a few holes were visible.
“I thought that someone else will come here, but looks like it is you two,” Scirk, a dark elf appeared. His ears are sharp horizontally compared to normal human ears. The lance was on his hands. The metal used to make it was unknown. Its tip was extremely sharp, sharper than any spears made on the land.
“Just because you come from the realm of Hell you think you can squash us? Think again, jackass,” Marsei charged his sword with thunder aura and stabbed the ground. Several thunder strikes were launched towards him, but he absorbed them and kicked it towards them. Several thunder strikes were launched towards them, but they quickly jumped away. The attack hit the wall instead and it exploded. A large hole was formed instead.
“Whoa, that was scary. This is definitely a very powerful demon,” Marsei quickly stood up and launched a few slash waves towards him but he reflected them back towards him.
“Get lost, you two,” Bazre suddenly appeared and blocked the attack using his axe lance. The opposite end of the handle is sharp with four titanium blades as its tip. “I have some personal grudge against him and I’ll kill him with my very own hands,” Marsei and Wrenfa teleported themselves away.
“After I ruined your clan under the dangers of elimination you still have guts to go against me?” Scirk charged his spear with venom aura and stabbed the ground. Venomous fangs and teeth appeared from nowhere and launched towards Bazre. He dashed around the warehouse and dodged the attack. Scirk quickly dashed towards him and rammed him towards the wall with the hole. Bazre quickly stabbed his lance through his body, even the axe part was stabbed inside.
“Now what, weakling?” Bazre laughed at Scirk who was healing his deep wounds. Suddenly, he was slashed with four hits. A mark resemble an empty tic-tac-toe board was visible on his platinum armor.
“Now who’s a weakling?” Scirk charged his spear with oracle (upgraded version of yin yang) aura and attempted to slash him again but he quickly jumped away from Scirk and launched a few laser beams towards Scirk. He absorbed them into his spear, charged it with photons and shot a laser blast towards Bazre.
“You are such a pain, aren’t you?” He strafed to his right, charged his sword and threw it towards Scirk. Then, he took out another titanium sword.
“Attack from double sides? Not so fast!” He jumped to avoid the attack, but suddenly Bazre launched the central blade from his sword he was holding on. It pierced through his body and he was turned into dusts. It was stuck on the zinc roof.
“Now you know what you’ll get when you mess with me!” He teleported the central blade back to the slot and teleported himself away. One week later,
“It’s one week already. Why there is no message from them?” Serene asked everyone, who were waiting around the sea. Suddenly, a sound portal appeared.
“So, you’ve rested properly, huh? This is probably your final mission, so listen carefully. We sighted two demons lurking around Nalq cave. We’ve sent some men to investigate but they were killed instead. Go check that out,” Wrenfa told everyone and she closed the communication.
“Let’s go,” Everyone swam eastwards towards the cave. Their last days are not easy….


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