Route of Sea(Path 81-Second Contact Part One)

While they were on their way to Nalq cave, Trinphel suddenly appeared in front of them.
“I heard that you have almost killed my brother. I shall cut you into pieces!” She took out her Ilsmandel (a composite material made from 40% of palladium, 30% of fiberglass and 30% of marble) sword.
“Or perhaps, I will turn you into dusts!” Serene charged her blade guns with astro and rock aura. Just when she launched the blades, Trinphel teleported to her back and plus slashed her. She was shocked at her speed. Everything in her mind suddenly gone blank. Nastra quickly dashed towards Trinphel while charging his knuckles with wind and sky auras, but she quickly launched a few slash waves towards him while kicking Serene towards the seabed and blocking shots from Fyen’s erkefia and Kairos’s cannons.
“You folks…are such a weakling,” She taunted them while destroying the magic circles from her pyro astraea spell cast by Creise.
“Don’t be that arrogant before us dead!” Serene charged her bullets with thunder aura and shot a few encased thunder strikes towards Trinphel. She was electrocuted but unharmed. She quickly dashed towards her while charging her sword with moon aura. A barrier was formed, protecting herself in case that someone attacking her from behind,”
“Stay away from her!” Waryl teleported to her back and launched a plus shaped wave slash attack using his barrier breaker sword. It was made from double I alloy, but the blades were solid instead of plates, and it seemed as if it was single bladed with thicker parts at the center. The barrier was shattered and she was injured.
“This is impossible…” She teleported herself away.
“Are you alright, Serene?” Waryl swam towards her, who was still lying on the seabed. He healed her and took her back towards the others, but suddenly Trinphel appeared again with a stronger armor.
“The Acienta (an alloy made from 5% of germanium, 5% of silicon, 10% of zinc, 10% of copper, 20% of aluminum, 20% of manganese and 30% of titanium) armor? Looks like she is very serious this time. But she will not escape this time!” Creise charged her khérista with saint (upgraded version of holy) aura and threw it as if it was a lance. A white phoenix was visible on it, as if the khérista was inside it.
“Insolent fools. They think that such powers are sufficient to defeat me,” She charged her sword and swung it clockwise. The khérista was thrown back towards Creise and the white phoenix was disappeared, as if a piece of paper was burnt into ashes. Fyen quickly shot a few rotating screw bullets towards her, but she quickly blocked them.
“What the hell is she thinking?” Kairos changed the barrels in 3-2-1-4 formation and shot a few piercing sonar wave pulses towards her. She teleported herself towards his back.
“You fell onto our trap, sucker!” Serene and Fyen shot a few pyro furinzran spell bullets on her while the others hide themselves. She rammed Kairos onto the seabed and avoided the bullets, but he quickly swung his cannon backwards, knocking her away and shot a few sonar wave pulses. The wave pierced through her body, but she was unharmed.
“What the hell is she doing….” Kairos charged his cannons with photons while aiming at her who was dashing towards him. Suddenly, Nastra appeared from her side.
“Take this!” He charged his knuckles with oracle aura and punched her. She was hit and thrown 20 meters away. She healed herself and charged her sword with thunder aura. The battle is not over yet….


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