Route of Sea(Path 82-Second Contact Part Two)

She stabbed the sword on the ground. The sky suddenly turned dark. Thunder struck randomly towards everyone rapidly. Creise and Waryl dodged the strikes while dashing towards her.
“I commend you for such skills, but too bad you are not going anywhere with this!” Her sword was still covered with thunder aura, perhaps she charged it with more aura particles than usual. She launched a few slash waves towards them. They barely dodged the slash waves, but the electrical wave from the slash waves paralyzed them. Just when she dashed towards them,
“Don’t forget us, fool!” Fyen and Kairos shot her from her back, but she dashed downwards and they were hit instead. Nastra was at her back and punched her a few times. She was injured, but she quickly turned around and slashed her a few times. Then, she charged her sword with positrons, attempting to launch a positron wave slash attack, but Creise cast wall on him, protected him from the damage. The wall was destroyed into small bits.
“Take that!” Serene shot a sub-zero murinzran spell bullet on her. She was hit, but she broke six magic circles which surrounds her in a cubic formation and launched the pieces through his body. He was fainted, falling onto the seabed slowly. Suddenly, satan (upgraded version of evil) aura flow around Fyen’s body. Dark purple “flames” surrounded her. Her erkefia’s barrel was attached with a lance, with the tip resembled a Parker pen.
“Get lost, you bastard. How could you….” She teleported to Trinphel’s front 5 meters away from her. She aimed her erkefia on Trinphel.
“Dark powers that come from anger…I haven’t seen such powers from any demons. But that will never stop me!” Trinphel dashed towards Fyen and attempted to stab through her body, but she blocked it using her right palm and pushed the sword on Trinphel’s body. She was wounded and pushed 30 meters away.
“You shall feel the pain 30 times much hurtful that what you have done to him!” She charged her erkefia with rock aura and launched black colored crystals towards Trinphel.
“Fool,” Trinphel absorbed the crystals as her sword’s satan aura and launched a few slash waves towards Fyen at sonic speed. She blocked them using her hands. Then, Trinphel teleported herself to her back, trying to slash her, but she turned around and blocked the attack using her right palm again. This time, Trinphel flowed thunder aura on Fyen and she was electrocuted.
“You think this enough to return me back to my normal state? No,” Fyen gave an evil smile and reversed the flow of thunder aura. Trinphel was electrocuted this time. Fyen quickly stabbed her efkefia, charged them with photons and shot a satan laser from close range. She was turned into dusts. Fyen’s satan aura was dissipated and she was fainted shortly afterwards.
“So, what should we do?” Serene asked the others.
“Heal them. They will need lots of rest before we continue,” Creise answered her. They quickly healed Nastra and Fyen. 30 minutes later, they woke up, but they felt exhausted.
“What happened?” They both shook their heads, seemed slightly dizzy at the moment.
“Your girlfriend here turned demonic after seeing you fainted from that wrecked demon’s attack,” Kairos pointed his thumb towards Fyen.
“What? Hey, next time don’t go berserk that way,” Nastra warned her. They both blushed, perhaps feeling that they both are willing to fight for each other.
“Let’s go. We’ll get some rest at Nalq Island as you two need some recovery from such damage,” Serene told everyone. They continued swimming eastwards. The rest will be memorable for Serene….


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