Route of Sea(Path 83-The Last Night)

A few days later, they arrived at Nalq island underwater city. The buildings were painted white, echoing the color of snow on the island. Every house has a balcony and an attic, which has at least two floors. They were arranged in rows, with the city square located at the center.
“This place reminds me of my hometown,” Nastra sighed at the houses.
“Nylsei, an isolated underwater town at the northeastern corner of Lefrad, I think?” Kairos asked him.
“Where are you come from, Kairos? It seems that you travelled for long without coming back to your hometown,” Nastra stared at him.
“Gadriq, a port town of Lestreb of Yedrei continent,” Kairos answered him monotonously.
“Isn’t that they are in wars now?” Creise asked everyone.
“The war is over now. I heard that there is a chosen one over there,” Fyen replied her.
“Come here, you guys,” Serene was inside a hotel room, calling them using a sound portal. The hotal was 6 floors high, with fluorescent blue windows and green terracotta tiles as roof while the room had 3 double beds on the center and two cupboards at the side, occupying half area of the wooden made floor. The others went inside and had some sleep, as it was 2100 at that time.
On 0200 next day,
“Damn…I just can’t sleep,” Serene woke up from her bed and swam towards the sea level. The starry skies along with the moon was visible, despite that the night was cloudy as well. She took out her blade guns and looked at them. “Looks like I’m not alone, huh? What really happened to the other chosen ones?” The blades on the guns were shining under the illumination of the moonlight. She looked at the moon, with tears dropped onto her cheeks. “Will I ever see Waryl again?” At the meantime,
“Serene?” Waryl woke up and found out that Serene was gone. He left the hotel and saw a pair of legs on the sea level. “That must be Serene,” He swam towards her slowly. Back towards Serene,
“Who is nearby? Don’t tell me Niaxil come to assault me,” She looked at the sea and saw Waryl swam towards her. She was surprised how he knew she was gone.
“How do you know I can’t sleep? Are you stalking on me?” Serene asked Waryl with a sarcastic tone.
“Nope. I just can’t sleep as well,” Waryl blushed.
“Well, tomorrow will be a goodbye for everyone, I must say. I don’t know if I will be sent back there. I felt that the demon was lying to lying to me,” Waryl suddenly felt sad.
“Don’t worry, Waryl. I know we will meet again. When that happens, we will be together forever. Promise to me, that you’ll be safe out there,” Serene turned her back against him.
“I know. But you should never risk your life when you fight. I can’t afford to lose you,” He held her shoulder and turned her around. They stared each others’ eyes.
“I won’t forget you,” The lips met each other. Their hearts have joined as one.
“Take this. This will aid you when you need it,” They let go of each other. Waryl handed several feather bullet cartridges to her.
“Thanks. I’ll make sure that everything will be a success,” She kept them into her dimensional storage. They don’t realize that the others saw what they did.
“So, they are really ‘develop’ that fast, isn’t it?” Kairos asked Creise.
“Same with us,” She winked at him. They quickly went back to sleep before Serene and Waryl did the same. The next cave shall be their final dive….


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