Route of Sea(Path 84-Final Blockage)

The next morning, they left the hotel and swam towards the cave. The cave had two levels, separated by a sealed hole at the center. The cave was blue in color with the stalagmites and stalactites arranged as if they were human teeth. They were shocked that Naixil was waiting for them. It seemed that his equipment was unchanged, but they were reinforced with some sort of strong barrier.
“I have killed the guardian. It’s time to kill you all!” He took out his sword and pointed it at Serene.
“Let us do this. You’ll need the energy to fight through yours,” Kairos told Serene.
“Get some rest. We’ll kill that demon,” Waryl winked at her. She dashed backwards and sealed herself.
“Don’t regret that your powerhouse is gone,” He charged his sword and threw some sword shaped barrier pieces towards them. They quickly destroyed them, but he teleported himself towards their back and launched a few slash waves towards them.
“Not so fast!” Waryl charged his sword and dashed forward to block them. Fyen shot a few spear bullets towards him by projectile motion. He dashed forward, attempting to attack Waryl while dodging her shot, but the spear bullets hit him and he was slashed a few times by Waryl instead.
“Tch….this is bad…no wonder Trinphel were killed,” He charged his sword and launched a cross shaped wave slash attack towards Waryl. He was thrown 15 meters away, but Niaxil was quickly attack from a few sides. Kairos shot Niaxil using his cannons from below, while Creise and Nastra stabbed their weapons from the sides. He charged himself with thunder aura and cast thunder furinzran on everyone.
“He can do that under the pain…that’s really disastrous. Whatever it is, I will defeat him no matter what!” Waryl destroyed four magic circles surrounding him and launched the pieces of the shattered magic circles towards him, preventing the spells from being cast. He was injured and dashed towards Serene.
“This is bad…He will not get away with this!” Fyen teleported to her front and shot a few wind accelerated rapier bullets towards him. He dodged the bullets and continued to dash towards her. Suddenly, Waryl’s sword was shining. Double helical trails of positrons, saint aura particles and thunder aura particles were flowing through his blades rapidly. He closed his eyes and teleported himself towards Serene.
“You…are…not…injuring…her….” Just when Nialxil attempted to stab him, he caught the sword using his left hand and cross slashed Niaxil. He was turned into dusts. He opened his eyes and saw white wings were formed on the sword’s cross guards. Serene unsealed himself and Yarnil (god of building)’s pyramid was appeared in front of her. The other holy items appeared and a hole was formed on the seal.
“To combine them, eh?” Serene put the light sphere into the box, then closed the box, forming a circular hole above them. She put the compass into it and put them into the pyramid. The combined holy items moved itself into the hole on the seal and the seal disappeared.
“Don’t leave me any last words. Keep that for me when I come back,” Serene walked towards the hole and jumped down. The others were teleported away.
“Let’s go. We have our errands to run. Goodbye, Creise,” Kairos was teleported back towards his ship while Creise was at the sea, by his side. They left each other.
“What is our next task, boss?” Fyen and Nastra appeared on the deck of the fishing ship, in front of Marsei and Wrenfa, which was docked at Gadriq. As for Waryl,
“Where am I?” He was shocked that he was inside the realm of saint, under the bottomless and apparently, “topless” ocean.
“Wait for your opponent,” A mysterious sound appeared and faded away. He stayed on the ocean, waiting for Serene. The holy trial finally starts….


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