Route of Sea(Path 85-The Holy Trial Stage One Part One)

The second level had the same layout with the first level, but the ground echoes the seabed above the cave. A knight, wearing titanium armor equipped with a platinum mace waited for her.
“So, you have come to me, eh? Your holy trial starts now. My name is Irnfio Ciesto and you will return with your defeat,” He pointed his mace towards Serene, waiting for her to start her attack.
“Defeat? Tch….” She started her attack by shooting a few rapier bullets towards him, but he attached them onto his mace. She was surprised and shot some more. He continued to attach them and every single spike on the mace was attached with a rapier bullet. She charged her gun and shot another few accelerated bullets towards him.
“Damn….” He dodged the bullets and launched the attached rapier bullets towards her.
“I shouldn’t have waste the bullets that way,” She teleported to his back, attempting to stab him but he quickly spin around and knocked her using his mace. Her head was injured and she was thrown towards the wall. He quickly dashed towards her but she jumped upwards and shot a few rapier bullets towards him.
“Are you sure that you can fight against me?” He swung his mace and the bullets were reflected back towards her. She dodged them and shot another few bullets towards him again, but this time he teleported to her back and attempted to knock her again, but this time she spun around and slashed him a few times. Suddenly, he stabbed his mace as if it was a knife. She smashed the ground and injured, barely able to move.
“This is the powers of a saint? Damn….” Serene’s sights became blurry. She was trying to aim him but she was unable to focus her sight.
“You insolent one…I just wondered why the gods choose such a person as a chosen one. This shall be your final blow!” He charged his mace with pyro aura and threw it towards her.
“Oh really? Then you have underestimated my powers,” She charged her gun with metal aura. A rapier was formed on the barrel, blocking the attack. She jumped away and healed herself. The focus of her eye sights came back.
“This is impossible!” He took his mace, charged it with photons and launched laser beams from the spikes on his mace. She dashed away to avoid them but he swung his mace left and right. She was injured, as if laser swords were slashing through her body. She fell onto the ground, but she quickly stood up and healed herself.
“Is that all? I doubt that,” She charged her bullets and shot a few rapier blades towards him.
“You think I can’t do that?” He charged his mace with metal aura and shot metal darts from the spikes on his mace. Both attacks blocked each other. They were both shocked seeing that.
“Take this!” Serene teleported herself to his above and shot a few laser coated rapier bullets towards him, but he blocked them using his mace. A few spikes were broken, but they were recovered quickly.
“I commend you to fight to this level, but it seems that you must stop by now, I afraid,” He charged his mace with photons and stabbed the ground. Spots of laser beams appeared everywhere. A few seconds later, they were all directed towards her. She cast barrier to protect herself, but some of them pierced through her body. She fell onto the ground, trying to aim her gun towards him. The battle continues….


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