Route of Sea(Path 86-The Holy Trial Stage One Part Two)

“You lose, sucker,” Irnfio charged his mace with thunder aura and stabbed the ground.
“Thunder spark strike, eh? Not that fast yet, fool,” Serene charged her blade guns with metal aura. Rapier was formed on each barrel of the guns. Then, she charged herself with non-elemental aura, forming a conical barrier. A thunder spark was launched from the ground, but it was dispersed upon reaching the barrier.
“You are not getting away with this!” He teleported himself towards her back and attempted to knock her down but she spun around and shot a few ice coated rotating screw bullets towards him. He was hit, but the accidentally dropped his mace and it hit her. They both teleported away from each other and healed each other.
“That mace is designed that way? The gods really put up such challenge to me…I must pass,” She charged her guns with sub-zero aura and shot octahedral ice crystals towards him, but he quickly destroyed them while dashing towards her.
“Take this!” He charged his mace with mental aura. The spikes became longer and sharper. He swung his mace as if he was slashing, but she blocked the attack using the blades attached on her blade guns but they held on for only a few second and they were broken.
“….” She kicked his stomach a few times and he dropped the mace, but he punched her a few times, causing both of them injured again. He quickly dived downwards to take his mace, but she quickly shot a few bullets towards him, preventing him to take his mace.
“That damned one…I can’t forgive her,” He took out his brass sword and charged it with rock aura. Marble covered the blade, giving the sword extra attack power and defensive abilities. He stabbed it onto the ground, launching rock stalagmites on a linear trail towards her.
“This is not something that I will fall off upon,” She charged her blade guns with oracle aura and teleported to his back, and shot a pair of oracle blast on him, but he turned around and blocked them with his sword. The marble layer was destroyed, but the blades were intact. He reflected the blast back towards her, but she stopped shooting and jumped backwards, shooting a few spear bullets towards him.
“Smart, but not smart enough,” He launched the central blade on his sword and let the spear bullets attach the slot for the central blade. She barely dodged it, but when he charged the spear bullets on his sword with photons and shot laser blast on her, she was hit and fell onto the ground, seemed to be too tired to fight.
“I will fight no matter what. Even if this means complete exhaustion!” She stood up and healed herself. She charged her blades with astro aura and launched them towards him, but he blocked them. The side blades were cracked, though.
“This is the final shot. Goodbye,” He charged the spear bullets with photons again, trying to finish her off.
“This is my line. Don’t ever steal that from me,” She charged her spear bullets with earth aura and shot them onto the ground while dodging his laser attack. The bullets “crawled” on the ground and “climbed” on his body through his legs. He was fainted. A few seconds later, she was teleported to the realm of saint.
“This is the underwater arena?” She was amazed by her surroundings. The crater on the seabed was too smooth to be naturally made, with octahedral wall “design” and a square hole on above. She and her weapons were completely recovered. The second stage shall start soon….


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