Route of Sea(Path 87-The holy Trial Stage Two Part One)

A lancer wearing double I armor and armed with a double P (an alloy made from 50% of platinum and 50% of palladium) spear appeared in front of her. His face was way too cool, perhaps trying to calm himself before the fight begins.
“My name is Pantra Neilios, and I shall be your first opponent here. Get ready!” He started his attack by charging his spear with venom aura and stabbed the ground. A black widow snake was summoned and dashed towards her. The snake was coated with oxygen shield to aid in breathing.
“I thought that you’ll sink me into sea of venoms, but looks like you are not eligible to challenge me!” She charged her blade guns and shot a few rotating screw bullets towards it while shooting another few towards the upper walls, knowing that he will attack from behind. The snake was killed instantly and disappeared.
“Reflection, eh? No wonder you are selected by the chosen one, but I doubt if you can defeat me,” He dashed towards her while charging his lance with metal aura, putting the lance’s tip on the ground. Sands of flame were visible, despite they were quickly extinguished by the sea water. When he came close, he swung his lance while extended its length. She charged her gun with sub-zero aura, but the lance was stuck inside one of the guns’ barrels. She shot the ice crystals and he was hit. The lance was pushed away as well.
“Take this, sucker!” Serene shot another few ice crystal bullets towards him but this time he teleported himself to her back and stabbed her. She was injured, but she quickly healed herself and turned around. He dodged the blades, but she quickly kicked him a few times and he was thrown away. He smashed the wall but he quickly healed himself.
“This is impossible…how he can sense my movements? I must be more careful this time.” He charged his lance and stabbed the ground. Slash waves appeared from everywhere and moved towards her. She ran around to dodge them while aiming her gun on him. She shot a few laser beams towards him, but they were all dodged or blocked.
“This guy is really a troublesome one. But I will crush him!” She dashed towards him and stabbed him but it was blocked instead. She quickly shot a few rotating bullets towards him. He was injured, yet he kicked her stomach a few times and she was thrown 20 meters away. They both healed themselves and stared each other.
“This is really a challenge on me. I can’t let her win,” He charged his lance with wind aura and shot a few small sized cyclone shots towards her. She was dragged onto the shots and injured her. She fell onto the ground, but she aimed her gun towards him, who dashed towards her.
“You are not attacking me,” She charged her gun with oracle aura and shot a few blasts towards him. He blocked them and continued to dash towards her. She jumped backwards towards the wall and kicked the wall for a wall jump.
“I know your tricks, sucker,” He dashed backwards while dodging her shots. He charged his lance with thunder aura and stabbed it onto the ground. Thunder sparks were launched everywhere towards her. She charged her blade guns with thunder aura and stabbed the ground. Thunder sparks covered her body, protecting her from getting injured from the thunder sparks launched by him.
“You are smart, but never smart enough,” He charged his lance and stabbed the ground. The battle continues….


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