Route of Sea(Path 88-The Holy Trial Stage Two Part Two)

Slash waves were launched from the ground, striking up directly upwards from her legs. She was hit and heavily injured. She was barely able to move, but her sights were still clear.
“Getting weak already? Too bad your trial ends here,” He charged his lance with hydro and wind aura. He pointed his lance on him and shot a hydraulic cyclone on her.
“You are wrong,” She dodged the attack and healed herself. He quickly teleported himself to her back but she dashed away from him.
“Is this what you got? You are so lame,” He charged his lance with sub-zero aura and stabbed the ground. She was sealed under the ice layer formed on her body, but she quickly melted them by charging herself with flame aura.
“Tch…this guy is really good in draining my aura reserves. This must be some sort of strategy,” She charged the bullets and shot a few accelerated bullets towards him, but they were all blocked. She teleported to his back, but when she just appeared she was slashed and kicked. She smashed the wall and got injured. She healed herself and she was exhausted.
“You can still fight? You are quite persistent, I must say,” He charged his lance with saint aura and threw it towards her. A phoenix was formed on the lance and “flew” towards her.
“The phoenix? That won’t work on me at all,” She absorbed the water aura surrounding her as stamina and ran away from the lance. It continued to “chase” her and accelerating little by little. She charged her bullets and shot lots of accelerated bullets towards the wall, trying to get some luck. A few of them hit the lance and it was dropped onto the ground. Another few hit him and he was injured.
“Aaaaargh!” He teleported his lance back towards him. He kept it into his dimensional storage and took out a diamond lance. He charged it with non-elemental aura and stabbed the ground. Octahedral shaped crystals were launched everywhere towards her.
“She is trying to prevent me to attack? I will make sure that he regrets that,” She charged her blade guns while dodging the crystals, letting some of them stuck inside the barrels of her guns. After the attack was ended, he charged his lance and threw it upwards. It was split into five identical diamond spears and combined as one again. It directed towards her, seemed to be launching towards her a few seconds later.
“Split fusion attack? No way!” She shot the diamond crystals towards the lance, but they were destroyed in split second while she was jumping away from it. It stabbed the ground and the attack was missed, but suddenly slash waves appeared on the ground and traveled towards her. She jumped again but the slash waves “jumped” towards her, as if aquatic animals jumped above the sea level. She was hit, but she quickly healed herself and shot a few rotating screw bullets towards him.
“What the…I’m not giving up yet,” He reflected the bullets back towards her, but they were all dodged. He attached it on his right arm and took out another diamond lance.
“What is he doing? I must be careful of it will become the final blow,” She charged her blade guns with sub-zero aura. Ice layers covered the blades on the barrels.
“This shall be the final strike upon her,” He teleported himself away and disappeared. She ran around the ground and trying to avoid him, who will appear anytime, but he suddenly appeared at her front and stabbed her chests. Suddenly she gave an evil smile.
“Yes, this is indeed the final one,” She charged her bullets with thunder aura and stabbed the blades while shooting thunder sparks on him. He was fainted and teleported away. She passed the stage, but the next stage will be hard too….


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