Route of Sea(Path 89-The Holy Trial Stage Three Part One)

She was completely recovered again. The cartridges were reset as if they were unused at all. Suddenly, an archer wearing Nylfrerio (double I alloy thread) suit and double I bow gun appeared at her back.
“My name is Ifnel Lision. Taste the arrows of mine!” She charged her arrows, which were also made from double I alloy, with satan aura and shot them towards Serene but they were dodged.
“Tch…trying to lure my weakness? This is not the way,” Serene changed her cartridge with arrow bullet cartridges and shot a few arrow bullets towards her. She caught them and attached them on her bow gun.
“Show time,” She charged the arrow bullets with thunder aura and shot them in a projectile motion.
“Thunder spark bombs? I must be careful,” Serene teleported herself to her back and attempted to stab her, but thunder sparks were launched from the arrow bullets, striking through her brown hair and hit Serene. She was electrocuted and paralyzed.
“My hair…you will pay for that,” She dashed backwards and shot a half a meter long stainless steel trident towards Serene. The attack missed, but she was pushed towards the wall and her legs were stuck on the trident.
“She is very powerful. I must change my strategy,” She recovered from the paralysis. She took the trident, charged it with earth aura and threw it towards Ifnel. Infel took the trident, but suddenly some rock needles were launched from the ground directly below her and she was injured.
“What the…?” She healed herself while dodging arrow bullet shots from Serene. She ran in an arc, trying to attack Serene from side.
“Trying to approach me? I afraid I can’t allow you,” Serene jumped away from her. Suddenly, Serene was shocked as she fell onto Infel’s trap. She was filling her trail with sub-zero aura and waiting for her to jump.
“Goodbye,” Ice shards were launched towards Serene. She cast barrier on herself while shooting a salvo of arrow bullets to protect herself, but suddenly Infel shot a few arrows charged with thunder aura and they all pierced through the barrier hit her. Oddly, the barrier did not disappear and blocked thunder strikes launched at her.
“You think this really works? No!” She pulled out the arrows and threw a few of them back towards her. She broke a pair of arrows and attached each one on her blade guns’ barrels.
“How dare you ruin my arrow…I’ll make sure that you’ll regret this!” Infel charged her arrows with satan aura and shot them towards Serene. The arrows shot slash waves towards her.
“You think I can’t do that?” Serene charged her arrows with saint aura and launched them. Both attacks cancelled each other, causing the arrows to explode, forming bubbles and extremely bright light, hindering each others’ sights. Serene quickly teleported herself to her back and stabbed the blades on her back. She quickly flowed thunder aura towards Serene through the blade guns. Serene was electrocuted and paralyzed again.
“You are such a fool, aren’t you?” She teleported herself away from Serene and took out her trident. She charged it with venom aura and stabbed the ground. Oddly, the venom aura particles were flowed inside her body instead. She quickly discharged the aura inside her.
“That is my line, you know,” Serene charged her bullets and shot a few rotating and accelerated arrow bullets towards her. She quickly jumped away from the shots and shot a few arrows towards Serene. Serene strafed to her right to dodged the attack, but she appeared at Serene’s back. The battle is not over yet….


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