Route of Sea(Path 90-The Holy Trial Stage Three Part Two)

Ifnel stabbed her arrows repeatedly and Serene was injured. She charged her arrows with saint aura and attempted to finish her but she jumped away from her and healed herself.
“Finishing me off…don’t make laugh,” Serene charged her blade guns with photons and launched the laser coated blades towards her but she deflected them by shooting arrows towards them. The blades and arrows moved randomly around them.
“Want some more?” She shot 10 more arrows randomly. They both trying to dodge the arrows moving around them but they both were hit and injured. They quickly healed themselves and stared each other.
“Hmm…this girl is way to powerful. I must change my strategy again,” Serene kept her blade guns in her dimensional storage and took out a pair of salamander guns. She changed the cartridges with screw bullet cartridges.
“Choosing a downgraded weapon…this is odd…I must be careful,” Ifnel changed the arrows with magnalium arrows and launched a few of them through reflection by the walls but she took the arrows and threw them towards Infel back. She dodged them while shooting another few arrows back towards Serene.
“She is trying to lure me…I can’t fall into the trap again,” Serene strafed to her right to avoid the arrows. She charged her guns with earth aura and shot a few ground moving bullets towards the ground, which traveled towards Infel.
“What a failure,” Infel jumped to her nearest wall, charged her arrows with astro and rock auras and launched a few asteroid arrows towards her. She barely dodged the attack and she was unharmed, but her Kevlar suits were ripped near her right shoulder.
“Yeah, It is near a failure, but next time, it isn’t,” She dashed towards Infel while attaching screws on her guns’ barrels. She quickly charged her guns with rock aura and the screws suddenly started to spin, as if they were drills.
“Trying to destroy my suit? That’s impossible,” Infel strafed to her left to avoid her, but she quickly shot the rotating screws. They were rotating and moving faster than usual. Infel was hit as the rotating screws acted like a drill, “drilling” through her suit. She was injured, but she quickly removed the screws and healed herself.
“What is she doing…I must never let my guard down,” Serene charged her bullets with photons and shot laser coated bullets towards Infel while changing her weapons back to the blade guns.
“Is this her strategy…I’ll bust it in,” She dashed towards her while charging her arrows with electrons and shot the arrows towards Serene.
“She fell onto my trap now,” Serene charged her blade guns with rock aura while dodging the arrows. Despite the injury cuased by the electron waves paralyzed her shoulders; she launched the rock covered blades towards Ifnel at close range. Then, she charged her bullets and shot accelerated and rotating bullets towards Ifnel.
“….” She gave an evil smile. She charged her arrows with thunder aura and attempted to stab Serene, but Serene kicked her and she was throw away, smashing the wall. She was injured and unable to move.
“Crash damage, huh? Looks like I know how to finish you, I must say,” She teleported the blades back towards her blade guns’ barrels. Ifnel quickly healed herself while she charged her bullets with wind and sky aura. Ifnel jumped away from the wall, but she shot a few cyclone bullets onto the ground. Tornadoes were formed, throwing Ifnel towards the wall with crushing damage from the tornado. She was fainted and fell down slowly. She was teleported away.
“The next one…who will be?” She looked at her blade guns’ scratches. The next stage shall start soon….


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