Route of Sea(Path 91-The Holy Trial Stage Four Part One)

She was recovered again. Suddenly, she was teleported out from the crater. She saw someone was above the sea, flying on the air.
“An aerounaut? This is quite something new to me, I must say,” She charged her blade guns but suddenly he dived inside the sea, slashed her a few times using his stainless steel sword and flew back to the air. Her shoulders were injured.
“My name is Zirnaf Krosen. I thought that you are really goon fighting, but apparently you don’t,” He kept his sword into his dimensional storage and tooh out a pair of mining axe.
“Mining axes…if he choose to use such weapons in such condition, he is definitely the expert. I can’t let him win,” She charged her bullets with sub-zero aura and shot a few ice coated screw bullets towards him, but the shots were dodged instead. She charged the bullets with thunder aura and shot electrically charged screw bullets in projectile motion.
“What is she doing?…!” She charged the bullets and shot accelerated bullets towards the bullets in the air, trying to knock them towards him. He was hit and electrocuted, but he healed himself and dived into the sea, trying to injure her again the same way he did earlier.
“You are not attempting the same thing again,” She dashed towards the seabed and avoided the attack.
“Water pressure…damn….” He flew back towards the air and tried to dried himself.
“He can’t dive deep…this guy is toast,” She dived towards the seabed but she was blocked by an invisible seal at 200 meters deep.
“I can’t dive deep, so you can’t do that as well. Take this!” He charged his mining axe and launched a few slash waves towards her. Unlike normal slash waves, the slash waves were enlarged as they traveled. She jumped away from them, but shockwaves formed when they hit the seal injured her and threw her out from the sea.
“This is impossible…no wonder he was sent….” She healed herself while shooting several rotating screw bullets towards him. Suddenly, he teleported to her back and stabbed her. She teleported herself back towards the sea.
“Such impudent fighter…I can’t believe that she is the chosen one,” He charged his mining axes and shot some arc shaped laser beams towards her. She charged her blade guns with photons and shot laser blasts to defend herself. Both attacks did not cancel each other, but deflecting away from each other.
“What? This is not possible,” She charged her blade guns with photons and shot laser blasts again on him, but he blocked them by casting barrier on his mining axe and pointed them on the laser blasts. The barrier was shattered, but he quickly launched the barrier pieces towards her. She dashed in a zig-zag formation to dodge the barrier pieces, but her movements were slow and her legs were injured. Her movements were slowed down.
“Now she knows my power. Now it’s time to finish her off,” He charged his mining axe with thunder aura and threw it into the sea. Yet, nothing happened while she was healing herself.
“Water in the realm of saint is automatically encased. You are a saint and you don’t realize that? Pathetic,” She charged her bullets with rock aura and shot a few sandstone bullets towards him. He blocked the shots, but they were shattered into sand dusts and made his eyes sick.
“You…how dare you….” He dived into the sea to clean his eyes. She quickly dashed towards him and attempted to stab him, but he quickly charged his mining axes and launched a few slash waves towards her. The battle is hard for her….


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