Route of Sea(Path 92-The Holy Trial Stage Four Part Two)

The slash waves were moving too fast that she was unable to dodge the attack and got hit. She quickly dashed away from him, but suddenly, he teleported himself and stood on the seal. She sensed his presence below him, despite he was not in her sights.
“Now I shall send you back to where you came from,” He charged his mining axes with metal aura and threw them towards her.
“Oh really? I don’t think so,” She teleported herself to his back and kicked his legs. He was falling onto the seal. She charged her right foot with metal aura and kicked his back. He was thrown away from the sea. The mining axes, which launched slash waves, hit him along with the slash waves.
“If not for invulnerability against my own weapons I’m already lose. She shall pay for what she had done,” He took his mining axe, which fell to the sea, charged them with earth aura and stabbed the seal. Shockwaves were launched in all directions. She quickly cast barrier to protect herself. The shockwaves were repelled, but he dashed towards her and crashed the barrier.
“What do you think you are doing?” She teleported herself to the sea level, sensing that the barrier pieces were launched towards her. Yet, the barrier pieces were still moved towards her, forcing her to dash here and there.
“This girl turned out to be anxious? That’s interesting. I’ll make sure that she will be defeated,” He charged his mining axes with thunder aura and dashed towards her.
“Now I see, trying to distract me and go for an ambush? I won’t allow that,” She dashed towards him, letting the barrier pieces following her. A few seconds later, she dashed through him using the dimensional change spell. The barrier pieces hit him and he was injured, but he healed his wounds.
“Such tricks won’t for me, you know,” He dashed towards her and tried to ram her onto the seal but she teleported herself away and he was injured due to crashing instead. She was staring to show signs of exhaustion as she consumed much energy and aura.
“The trap cost me this? How unfortunate,” He healed himself while pointing his mining axe downwards as he was slightly tired too. He kept one of the mining axes into his dimensional storage and held his mining axe with both hands.
“He started to use his trump card…I can’t let him win,” She shot a few sub-zero furinzran spell bullets towards him, but they were deflected instead as he swung it as if it was a tennis racquet. One of the bullets hit her and the spell was cast on her.
“This is my chance to finish her off!” He dashed towards her while letting her getting hit by the spell, but she broke four magic circles surrounding her in a tetrahedral formation and teleported herself away from him.
“I can read your tactics,” She charged her blade guns with hydro and wind aura. “Underwater turbine!” She cast the spell on her blade guns and moved towards the sea level. She shot a pair of cyclone blasts towards him. He dodged the attack and dashed towards her, but she quickly dived downwards and aimed her blade guns on him. He was hit and thrown out from the sea.
“I won’t lose!” He flew away from the wind and threw his mining axe towards her.
“This will be my final blow,” She charged her legs with wind and sky aura. She kicked the mining axe and it was moving in sonic speed. It was too fast to be dodged by him and he was fainted, falling down towards the sea after the mining axe hit him. He was teleported away and she returned back to the crater. She passed the stage, but the next stage awaits her….


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