Route of Sea(Path 93-The Holy Trial Stage Five Part One)

Her condition was reset to her best again. She started to sigh why the trial is very long. A few seconds later, a sorcerer appeared in front of her. His titanium robe with platinum rod made her feel worried.
“My name is Grazia Kyfnir and I am your next opponent,” He started his attack by charging his rod and stabbed the ground. Slash waves were launched towards her, but she dashed towards him while dodging the slash waves.
“Take this!” She jumped on the slash waves and shot a few oracle furinzran spell bullets towards him. He quickly dashed backwards and pointed his rod on her. The slash waves deflected the bullets towards the wall, but the reflections through the walls made the bullets hit both of them. They both quickly destroyed the magic circles.
“She is indeed powerful…I must be careful this time,” He charged his rod with wind aura and shot wind blades towards her. She dodged them and shot a few bullets towards the walls, attempting to attack him indirectly, but they were blocked when he cast barrier on himself.
“So this is his powers…this is really getting harder and harder….” She charged her blade guns with photons and launched the laser coated lades towards him, but they were still blocked by the barrier. He let the rod absorbed the barrier and shot the barrier pieces towards her. She dashed in the water, shooting rotating screw bullets while dodging
“I thought that she will attack me, but looks like I’m the one who attacks her,” He dashed towards directly below her while dodging the bullets and threw his rod directly upwards. It hit her and she fell onto the ground slowly, shocked that he did not see such attack was directed towards her.
“….” She took the rod and charged it with thunder aura. The aura particles were covering the rod. It was shining brightly; emitting short and tiny thunder sparks. She threw it onto the ground, stabbing the ground. Thunder sparks were launched on the ground. He jumped and stayed on the ground, but the thunder sparks moved on the wall and he was electrocuted.
“This girl is very powerful…I can’t let my guard down,” He dashed towards the rod and took it. He pointed the rod towards her and the thunder sparks were launched towards her instead.
“He can do that to heal himself? This is insane!” She dashed in random directions to avoid them. Thunder aura particles were concentrated everywhere. After the attack ended, they both feel exhausted. She quickly absorbed the dissipating thunder aura into her blade guns and shot thunder sparks towards him.
“I can still fight!” He teleported himself away from the sparks. He charged himself with non-elemental aura and turned it into stamina.
“Damn…my aura reserves and stamina were depleted a lot…I must hang on for now,” She shot the bullets towards him repeatedly, as she let water aura in the sea seep inside her body and turned into her stamina and aura reserve.
“She is trying to drag time…you are not doing this,” He teleported himself towards her back and knocked her a few times using his rod. She was injured and thrown away, but she continued to shoot him repeatedly.
“Hang in there….” She shot the bullets in projectile motion. He dodged the bullets while dashing towards her.
“This is your end!” He charged his rod with saint aura and stabbed her, ramming her towards the wall.
“This is it!” She charged her blade guns with satan aura, waiting for the charged to be complete. Just when she smashed the wall, she shot the blasts and he was hit. He was injured and crashed the wall opposite from her as well. The battle is hard for her….


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