Route of Sea(Path 94-The Holy Trial Stage Four Part Two)

They both stared each other and tried to recover themselves. 15 minutes later, they were completely recovered and stood up.
“The rod is extremely unusual. The rush of the energy spread through my body gave me lots of damage. I can’t allow him to perform such attack anymore,” She charged her blade guns with metal aura and launched the blades towards him, but he deflected them away by knocking his rod on the blades when they get close. He charged his rod and threw it towards her. A slash wave was formed on the rod.
“Pyro murinzran!” He cast the spell on her. Six magic circles surrounded her in a cubic formation. They formed a seal, which prevented her from moving away.
“Damn….” She launched the blades back, but they were blocked by the seal formed outside of the magic circles. She was hit by the spells, but the rod was blocked by the seal formed. After the spell ended, the seal and the magic circles disappeared, but the rod continued its movements and rammed her towards the wall again.
“Now she is dead meat. I can’t let my victory slip away,” He took out another rod, charged it with venom aura and threw it towards her again, trying to finish her off.
“You are quite smart, aren’t you? But too bad this is your worse move,” She took the rod, charged it with thunder aura and stabbed the ground. She quickly jumped away and healed herself. Both rods exploded when the rod with venom aura collide with the rod with thunder aura. Shockwaves spread everywhere and they were both injured. Oddly, the rods were intact and they were teleported back towards him.
“Tch…she is extremely powerful…I can’t let her win,” He charged his rod with photons and cast light drops on her. Laser beams fell down towards her is if they were rain drops. She cast barrier to protect herself but the laser beams pierced through the barrier and she was injured.
“What the…I can’t let him do this again. I must destroy the rods at all costs,” She dashed towards him while shooting slash waves from the blades on her blade guns. He blocked them with the rods and they were cracked.
“I have some goodies for later use,” He gave an evil smile and charged his legs with thunder aura. When she got close with him, she attempted to stab him but he blocked it with his rods and they were shattered into dusts. He kicked her a few times, but the attack was blocked and she was unharmed.
“You think I didn’t see your legs? You are wrong,” She charged her bullets and shot a salvo of rotating bullets. He was hit and smashed the wall.
“How he….” He too out his pearl rod and charged it with astro and sun auras.
“Sun light blast? I can’t let him do this,” She dashed towards him, but it was late and the sunlight was shot towards her. She jumped to avoid it, but he quickly pointed his wand on her and she was hit. Oddly, her clothing was unaffected and there were no signs of burning on her skins. She fell slowly, feeling extremely weak,”
“What a waste of my precious pearl wand. It’s time for her doom,” He charged his wand with sub-zero aura and threw it upwards. Ice shards were launched randomly everywhere. They both cast barrier to protect themselves.
“This is the last chance,” She teleported herself towards the wand and took it. She pointed the wand on him and the ice shards were launched towards him instead. She swung the wand randomly and the ice shards hit him indirectly. The ice shards were too much that he was fainted shortly afterwards. He was teleported away and she passed the stage. The next stage will be as hard as this one….


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