Route of Sea(Path 95-The Holy Trial Stage Six Part One)

She was recovered again. She looked at the hole, thinking of Waryl.
“Waryl, why I feel that someday I’ll fight you? Where are you?” She sighed. A few seconds later, a gunner wearing Kevlar suit and armed with a pair of esquadria appeared in front of her.
“My name is Rilknaf Despredis and I’ll crush you into bits!” He started his attack by launching the missiles along with the sword blades attached to them. The blades were launched out from the missiles and they were exploded, forming intensely bright and shining light which hinders their sights.
“This trick won’t work on me!” She jumped and cast photon filter on her eyes. Her vision was recovered. She shot a few screw bullets towards him, who was still blinded by the light from the explosion. He heard the sound of the bullets and evaded them. He shot a few bullet sized laser beams towards her, but they were quickly dodged.
“She has good sensory skills. I must be cautious,” The light was disappeared and his vision returned back to normal. He charged his esquadria with thunder aura and shot thunder strikes on her. It was very fast that she was unable to dodge them. She was electrocuted and fell down onto the ground slowly. She aimed her blades guns towards her and shot a few accelerated and rotating screw bullets towards him, but he quickly dodged them.
“My attacks were missed…I need a plan,” She flowed some non-elemental aura into the bullets, making the bullets shrunk into a quarter of its original size and shot a salvo of bullets in random directions. They were reflected through the walls and directed towards him.
“Fool,” He teleported himself to her back, attempting to shot her from the back but she quickly dashed backwards and rammed him onto the wall. He was injured and teleported himself away from her.
“He did not stab me from the back…what is he doing?” She charged her blade guns and launched the blades towards him.
“Now is the chance,” He charged his esquadria and shot many missiles; each of them aiming towards the blades. Both attack cancelled each other and the blades dropped onto the ground, forming the same intense light. He quickly teleported himself away. She saw nothing in front of her. Suddenly, she was cross slashed a few times at her back. She quickly teleported her self away from him.
“So, this is his trick…looks like he caught me off guard, I guess,” She teleported the blades back to the guns. Again, he was not in her sights. A few seconds later, she sensed his appearance and quickly turned around, slashing his body. He was injured, but he quickly shot a few missiles towards her and she was injured as well. They both dashed away from each other and healed themselves.
“Tch…she is persistent…I can’t let her win….” He charged his missiles with metal aura and shot a missile towards the hole. It exploded and lots of small sized metal darts were launched randomly downwards.
“What? This guy is really insane,” She cast wall on herself. The metal darts were blocked by a wall formed in front of her, but he attached the darts onto the missiles’ blades and launched them towards her along with the missiles. She was hit and heavily injured, but she healed herself. She was too tired to move even one millimeter and fell down slowly.
“Now she is in exhaustion, eh? It’s time to exterminate her once and for all!” He charged his esquadria and shot a salvo of missles towards her. The battle is getting harder and harder….


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