Route of Sea(Path 97-The Holy Trial Sixth Stage Part Two)

“I haven’t lost yet, fool,” She charged her blade guns with positrons and shot positron blasts on them. The missiles were exploded. He teleported to her back, but she quickly spun around and he was both slashed by the blades and the blasts. He quickly teleported himself away and healed himself.
“This is ridiculous. How can she do that while she is exhausted?” He charged his esquadria and shot the missiles again. This time, she dashed in an arc to avoid them. She let the water aura seep inside her body and changed them into her aura reserves and stamina. Suddenly, the attack was stopped as his esquadria was jammed. He threw
“Overusing your weapons already? This is my chance!” She charged her bullets with positrons and shot the positron coated bullets towards him.
“You think this is the end? Ha, that would be too fast!” He took out a pair of square shaped double I shield. He charged them with non-elemental aura and cast wall on them. The bullets were blocked, but the wall formed was shattered. Some of the bullets damaged the shields. The surface of the shield was uneven. Suddenly, wind blades were surrounding them.
“I can’t allow that, you know,” He threw the shields as if they were boomerangs. She dashed towards his back but suddenly he jumped backwards and punched her a few times. She was pushed a few meters to her front and hit the shields. She charged her blade guns with wind and sky aura and shot tornado blasts on the shields, preventing them from hitting her. They were too strong that she was pushed backwards, ramming him towards the wall. The shields were stopped moving and dropped onto the ground.
“He seemed to be too calm…what is he…!” He took out another pair of esquadria and cross slashed her body. She quickly teleported herself away from him. He gave an evil smile to her and she was shocked with her fear. She was unable to move.
“Terrified already? What a useless brat,” He charged his esquadria and charged shot a few missiles towards her.
“Terror…I can overturn it…” She recovered from her shock and jumped to her right, dodging the missiles. Then, he charged his missiles with sub-zero aura and shot a few freezing missiles towards her. She jumped away from the missiles but the shockwaves formed when the missiles hit the wall made her frozen.
“This is it!” He shot another few freezing missiles towards her. She quickly melted the ice trapping her and teleported herself towards the hole. She charged her blade guns with thunder aura and launched the blades. The blades launched thunder sparks on him.
“This trick won’t work on me!” He launched missiles rapidly to protect himself, teleported away from her and shot some more missiles towards her.
“He is quite fast. I can’t let him win,” She dashed backwards while shooting thunder sparks on him. He quickly leaned his body downwards, charged his esquadria with wind aura and dashed towards his shield while shooting wind bursts towards them. The shields were lifted up. He quickly threw his esquadria away and picked up the shields.
“Again? Not so fast, sucker,” She teleported the blades back towards her blade guns, charged herself with wind aura and dashed towards him. Her body was covered with wind blades acting as shields.
“This is the last chance…I shall crush you!” As she was near to him, he charged himself and rammed her.
“This is it…now!” She charged herself with thunder aura and flowed them into his body. He was electrocuted and fainted. She passed the test and recovered again. The next stage will be as hard as this one….


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