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Route of Earth(Path 13-Tunnel Storm Part Seven)

December 31, 2009

After another half a day of rushing, a humanoid demon blocked their path. His Kevlar suit looked glossy, perhaps due to another invisible suit wore by him.
“So, you are the ones who attempted to destroy us, eh? I think you better get lost and go back before I crush you all,” He floated a bit and charged his hands with vacuum aura.
“Then, kills us if you can!” Meltine charged her machetes with electric aura and threw it towards him. Orkaf dashed along the machetes and attempted to stab him. His stomach was stabbed, yet he choked Orkaf and vacuum aura was concentrated in his trachea.
“Don’t you ever harm him!” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with metal aura and launched a few slash waves from its tail blade. He simply held Orkaf so that the slash waves hit his back. He laughed hardly before Orkaf got back his senses and stabbed his doktionas on the demon. Orkaf quickly teleported himself away from him and cleared his throat.
“I guess I let my guard down. I can’t let myself do that again,” He charged his feet with electrons and emitted electron wave from his feet, spreading everywhere.
“Electrons…how about protons?” Lefio charged his halberd with protons and stabbed it onto the ground. Proton waves were emitted everywhere, forming electrical sparks everywhere. They were all hit by the sparks and quickly healed themselves.
“I guess this is not all that you can do. Let’s see…how I can invoke them?” The demon charged his feet with electrons again, but this time electrons were shot from the ground, piercing their bodies and made them electrocuted, yet,
“This…is…it….” Meltine absorbed some of the electrons onto her machetes and stabbed them onto the ground. The shot electrons were launched at him, forcing him to cancel his attack while they were healing themselves.
“What is this?” He took out a pair of rocket launchers and launched them. 12 rockets filling the tunnel were moving towards them.
“I guess I can’t play around anymore,” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with fire aura and shot a fire ball as large as the tunnel could fit. The rockets were exploded while the fireball still moved on its own way towards him. He quickly cast flood wave and extinguished the fireball.
“You are not going to defeat me!” He threw the rocket launchers away and took out a pair of vanadium scythes.
“Get lost!” Lefio suddenly dashed towards him while holding his halberd like a cue stick and stabbed him. The damage was increased when the halberd pierced through his body as if a ball was behind his body and Lefio hit it. Suddenly, electric aura flowed through the halberd and he was electrocuted. He kicked Lefio away, yet the halberd pierced through his body again, turning his body into dusts.
“I guess we are fighting some sort of special team here,” Orkaf was wiping his doktionas as he spoke.
“What are you actually doing?” Tefia felt weird as weapons are rarely cleaned unless stained with something attractive to hostile living things.
“I can’t let any dirt or dust goes inside this weapon or I will have trouble using it,” He explained to her as he kept wiping his doktionas meticulously. At the meantime,
“The victory…turned failure….” A soldier mumbled to himself as he saw a lot of dead bodies lying near the castle gates. The castle walls made from sandstone was crumbling despite the castle was sealed. Inside the throne room,
“Those insolent…soldiers…I must hang…on….” Ksigra was lying on the ground as his wings were almost destroyed. A few gargoyles tried to heal it while another few hollows charging their auras continuously to keep the seal active. The tunnel storm continues….


Route of Earth(Path 12-Tunnel Storm Part Six)

December 30, 2009

As they rushed inside the tunnel leading to the capital, faint sounds of running steps were heard, alerting the demons who were guarding the tunnel. As they heard some unknown orders, they were teleported away and an elite demon group was guarding instead. The tunnel was too dark, as, even darker than that of the Laber tunnel, forcing them to cast sunlight on themselves to increase visibility The granite walls seemed quite weak as the mud are everywhere, perhaps the demons making the places wet to allow detection of trespassers. After half a day of rushing, another hollow appeared in front of them. It was white colored, which is a rarity among the hollows.
“So, you are the chosen one. I will not allow you to pass!” He took out a chain whip and swung it randomly. Tefia charged her ifnarisis with electric aura and shot a few electric balls on the chain, yet they were hit away without any electrocution on the hollow. A barrier was visible on the chain.
“I guess magic is useless against you!” Lefio dashed through the chain while dodging its attacks and slashed its head, yet it merely moving through without any damage. The hollow swung its chain and he ended up tied along with his halberd. He charged his halberd and a slash wave suddenly destroyed the chain, as if it was formed from Lefio’s hands. Getting distracted by the weapon’s destruction,
“Take this!” Meltine and Orkaf charged their weapons with steam aura and threw them towards it. The weapons were still passing through its body while taking no damage. The hollow charged itself with acid aura and hydrochloric acid was formed on their skin, damaging them while dealing excruciating pain on them.
“Feeling tortured already? What if I make it stronger?” It charged itself with more acid aura and the acid changed into sulfuric acid. The damage and the pain escalated and the fell down onto the ground.
“Is this all?” Tefia charged herself with alkali aura to neutralize the acid, yet the pain is still there as the heat of neutralization burned her skin. She quickly charged herself with water aura and she was able to stand up. The others quickly followed suit.
“Tch…you think this is the end?” He charged himself with acid aura again and this time, acid was dripping from the ceiling. They quickly protected themselves by casting acid barrier on themselves.
“Easy job, easy done,” Orkaf charged his doktionas with alkali aura and dashed towards it. Knowing alkali can harm it; it made a wall kick and kicked his head, making his neck bones twisted. Yet, he made himself fall onto the ground and cut its feet. It teleported itself away and restored its feet.
“This is your punishment for your evil doings!” Meltine charged herself with alkali aura and cast alkali sink on it. A spherical barrier was formed around the hollow and sodium hydroxide was filling it.
“You…you…I won’t forgive this!” He was turned into dusts as the solution fills the barrier.
“We have not much time. We must go at once!” Tefia yelled at them as she rushed further in. The others quickly followed her. At the meantime, in the Tryol castle of Kiersk,
“There is an emergency, lord Ksigra (pronounced as sai-gra)!” A bat yelled at it.
“What is it?” It stood up and walked towards it.
“The northern and southern sections’ defenses were collapsed and the soldiers were attacking the eastern and western sides!” The bat’s loud voice seemed showing its anxiety.
“What? All units defend this castle at all costs!” Ksigra yelled loudly so that everyone in the castle can hear it. They quickly rush outside and made up resistance. There is little time left for them….

Route of Earth(Path 11-Break)

December 29, 2009

The Estranaf village is merely a small village, but it is quite crowded with travelling vendors selling lots of things everywhere, since that this village is the only settlement at the central area of Krai. Some even didn’t have place to sit so they merely stand while hanging a signboard showing they are doing business. Oddly, there were only 10 wooden houses in this village with 1 hectare of village area, which means the travelers “plagued” the place. Apparently there were no demons in the village, yet faint sounds of people telling about people getting killed by demons were heard.
“Sorry for such…well…I don’t know what to say. This village is the spot for travelers to stop when people move between the east and the west. Let’s go inside,” The knight told them as they arrived at his house, 200 meters from the actual entrance. The interior designs are simple, from wooden desk and chairs, stainless steel kitchen to a wooden bed. “Sorry for making you sit on the floor. Usually we don’t have visitor to the houses.
“Never mind. We can accustom ourselves after all,” Tefia waves her hand in protest.
“Good. I’m too inpatient to kill those bastards after all. Everyday there are demons lurking around here, which the footsteps were always coming from there,” She pointed at a tunnel which leads to the capital. “I wondered if that place is plagued by the demons, because recently no one was able to enter the capital and forced to travel using the old tunnel. Perhaps the capital’s people are now fending off the demon right now,”
“If this is the case, I think it is useless to wait until night and kill them because I think they will keep sending people here,” Lefio stood up and walked out from the house.
“If that’s the case, I guess you better go now. We can’t afford to have more casualties,” The golden knight suddenly stood up.
“Great. Lets’ go,” Tefia and the others walked out from the house, searching for Lefio.
“It’s 2-3 days from here and we haven’t getting any supplies yet, so I think we better supply ourselves,” Lefio was looking at the traveler’s box of various travelling vendors. Lots of weapon parts were available for sale, even the rare and obscure ones. “Maybe this will aid her…” He bought a few machete hilt grips. Meltine’s face turned dark red in a sudden upon looking at the parts he bought.
“I know what you feel. Go on. Don’t hide your feelings,” Tefia pushed her with brute force and almost bumped up with Lefio.
“Ummm…thank you,” Meltine avoided his sight. Lefio took her hands, opened her fists and put the grips onto her hands.
“You tend to slip your weapon backwards. I guess you need this as well,” He handed a bottle of sweat absorbing talcum powder to her and walked past her.
“Give me your halberd when you need some repairs. I think your halberd don’t need anything, I think,” She smiled while walking beside him.
“Well, I don’t think your ifnarisis and my doktionas will have suitable parts. Wait…maybe I can get a better head and a high grade ruby,” Orkaf walked away from everyone and bought the parts.
“Ruby…hey, get me a sapphire, topaz, and jade of the same grade!” Tefia yelled at him. He nodded and walked around to get a few of them. After they made a few minor adjustments, they started to walk into the tunnel and ran. At the meantime, if front of the eastern gate of Kiersk, the capital of Krai,
“So, what do you think? I guess we should stop that modus operandi,” A vampire was asking a vulture.
“Definitely. The chosen one is our upmost priority. Send the elite squad to the tunnel and the rest fend of this castle while eliminating any resistance!” It flapped its wing and the vampire was teleported away. The tunnel storm resumes….

Route of Earth(Path 10-Tunnel Storm Part Five)

December 28, 2009

In front of the tunnel’s gate, which is the village’s south gate, a knight with gold plate armor and gold sword was standing. He felt sorrowful of what happened in the village, feeling unable to defend his hometown from demons. A few minutes later, Tefia and the others appeared in front of him.
“Who are you?” He pointed his sword on them. They were very sure that he is not a demon.
“Please, let us pass. We are saving the place beyond you,” Tefia told him with a begging tone.
“No. If I do that, this gate will open and I might end up releasing a few demons out. This gate has teleportation prevention seal,” He walked front a few steps.
“What if I say I am the chosen one?” Tefia raised her voice.
“Then prove to me that you are worthy to become one!” A barrier was formed, separating her from the others.
“I have no reason to fight you and your doings will delay our progress of getting rid of demons,” She took out her ifnarisis, knowing that the chance he will listen is slim.
“It is not a big matter about sooner or later. In fact, I can’t really trust your words since that you have a demon…and a saint? Whatever. Get ready!” He charged his sword with poison aura and stabbed it onto the ground. The ground turned from black into dark green in color, showing that poisonous liquid was formed. Tefia quickly cast restore and the poison was disappeared.
“I guess only my rod can make you trust me. You leave me no choice,” She charged her rod with fire aura, pointed the tail blade on him while holding near to the ruby and launched a 50 centimeter long part of the weapon on him, as if she was launching a lance from cannon.
“That’s right. I’d rather block away good ones than allowing demons escape from here and wreak havoc in southern cities!” He charged his sword with water aura and swung his sword as if he was swinging a squash racket, reflecting the attack back on her at the same pathway. Yet, a small hole was formed on the central blade due to the impact with the tail blade earlier.
“Thank you. But I must defeat you,” She jumped and attached the part back to her ifnarisis. She kept it into her dimensional storage and took out a pair of bamboo staffs, which were one meter in length. She charged it with acid aura and dashed towards him.
“Bring it on!” He launched a few slash waves towards her, attempting to cut the staffs, yet they were too strong that only a few faint lines were visible, not even penetrating the weapons. Just when she came close, she stabbed him a few times before knocked him towards the gate. He smashed the gate, yet he was only slightly injured, perhaps due to the good durability of his armor.
“What is this kind of defense?” She took out her ifnarisis again and charged it with photons, but after a few seconds,
“Enough of this meaningless battle!” A woman wearing titanium thread robe with purple long hair and orange iris appeared. She pinched his arms and stomach and he yelled loudly. “Sorry for misbehavior of this useless knight. Please come with me,” She opened the gate and they all went inside. They were yet to arrive into the village.
“I know this is illegal, but we are forced to push this gate 1 kilometer away from the original entrance to prevent demons from lurking around. Now we need your help to exterminate a few demons that keep sending demons to us,” She added while they were walking into the village. They will have break….

Route of Earth(Path 9-Tunnel Storm Part Four)

December 27, 2009

After another few hours of dashing, a gargoyle appeared in front of them.
“Don’t ever think about passing further!” It charged itself with ice aura and flew past them, damaging everyone with its wings. A hole was appeared at the middle of her ifnarisis while a magic circle appeared in front of the weapon. Tefia inserted a few spherical gun bullets in it and the hole was closed. She held the rod like a rocket launcher while aiming it, which was flying around to cool down its wings.
“Let me aid you,” Lefio took out his axe halberd, charged it with air and water auras and threw it, missing it at purpose but near to it. Moisture was formed around its wings without its realization and it was flying slowly to the ground, making her aiming easier. After a few seconds later, she charged the bullets with electric aura and shot them on it.
“And plus this!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with rock aura and graphite was formed covering it. He threw the weapon upwards and kicked it by jumping and hitting it using his right heel. Both attacks hit, with doktionas pierced its wings, making the electrocution more severe. It was turned into dusts, but the dust reformed and it was revived quickly.
“If you think this is sufficient to permanently kill me, you are wrong,” It charged its wings with ice aura and launched a few slash waves towards them.
“Curse you!” Meltine charged her machetes with fire aura and connected them using a stainless steel pole. She dashed to the others’ front, swung it vertically and kicked it. A circular fire was covering the ‘temporary lance’ and blocked the slash waves away. The weapon continued to move. Knowing the heat will kill it, it charged itself with ice and wind auras. After a few seconds, it teleported to them and spun itself.
“Frost bite tornado…this gargoyle is definitely not an ordinary one…we are near to the den….” A tornado was formed and they were hurt. Lefio stood up and charged himself with fire aura. The heat drove it away, but not too far as it intended to kill them. He let the fire aura flow into his halberd.
“I must not reach them,” The gargoyle charged itself with more ice aura and launched ice spikes on them. They are large that they were unable to run past them. Lefio threw the halberd and it a “lark” was formed, melting the ice spikes on its way, but the water crystals were formed and continued to move towards them.
“Steam…yes, that’s it!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with fire aura and a hole was formed on the center of its head. He held it like a flame torch and launched fire blazes. The water crystals were tuned into steam and the attack was cancelled.
“Let’s finish this meaningless fight!” Meltine absorbed the machetes as steam aura in the weapons and dashed behind the halberd. The gargoyle teleported to her back, attempting to attack her, yet she turned around and spun like a ballet dancer. The machetes on his hands slash him repeatedly as if a hot metal piercing through. It was turned into dusts permanently.
“Phew…this is a good sign that we are near. I guess we should do something to surprise them,” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with light aura and launched a light blast with the diameter as large as the tunnel. Suddenly, faint noises of human breath were heard by Tefia.
“Looks like we have allies. Let’s aid them!” Meltine shouted and they quickly dashed to their front, hoping to reach the place before others do. The last “enemy” awaits them….

Route of Earth(Path 8-Tunnel Storm Part Three)

December 27, 2009

As the night draws close, they still continued running, as if their muscles are infinitely full of strength. After another few hours of running, they were exhausted and decided to sleep. The next morning, they woke up and continued the run, but after an hour a hollow stopped them. The black aura forming its body looked like a human shaped crystal.
“With those dudes gone, I have to stop you myself. Get prepared!” It took out a pair of mining axes and threw them. A plane of wind was formed between them, enlarging as the mining axes were pushed away to the walls by the wind.
“Such dirty tricks…I can’t forgive you,” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with electric aura and dashed towards the mining axes. Stabbing the mining axe at her left, they both spun and left opening at the left and right. She jumped to her left, sensing some sort of odd strategy.
“Aaaaaaah!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with wind aura and suddenly the head was launched, knocking the wind back to him.
“Now I see. Get ready for the fighting show of torture!” He took back the mining axes and threw them again. This time, a spherical wind was formed instead, making the previous strategy unusable.
“You think this really works?” Meltine threw a machete upwards while charging her fists with wind aura. The helical trail of wind aura flowed through her hands vigorously. After a few seconds, she punched it and it moved like a small tornado, with strong winds forcing them to squat. Both attacks cancelled each other and the weapons were teleported back to their respective owners.
“Who is this saint, really? This girl is indeed a unique one,” Lefio was surprised by the attack, but he quickly dashed towards the hollow, which appeared doing nothing, perhaps he was waiting for a deadly counterattack.
“I guess this is totally bad, but it can’t be helped,” Its hands turned into pyramid shaped pike and they were scratched on the ground, forming unknown sparks moving towards him. After a few seconds, the sparks suddenly explode, injuring and stunning him.
“Watch out!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with light aura and threw it beneath Lefio’s crotch. It suddenly gave a bright flash, which it was surprised. Lefio quickly charged his feet with water aura and kicked it.
“Electric ignalial!” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with electric aura and cast the spell. A magic circle appeared beneath its legs, striking an electric spark upwards. It was electrocuted, yet he was far away from turning into dusts. He launched the pikes while reforming his hands, piercing through Lefio’s body.
“I guess this is the end of you,” The hollow dashed towards Lefio, attempting to knock him out, but suddenly,
“You are not hurting him!” Meltine took the pikes and stabbed it. It was unharmed, but he was pushed 10 meters backwards. She healed him and continued to dash towards it.
“Sorry, but the pleasure is mine,” Orkaf teleported to its back and knocked the doktionas , making it fell onto the ground. Meltine gave an evil smile, charged another machete of hers with wood aura and bicycle kicked it. The weapon pierced through it, turning it into dusts.
“Ha, the finisher is mine!” She picked up her weapon and winked at him.
“Urrrgh….” He walked back towards Lefio. “Are you alright?”
“Thanks to that pretty saint over there my damage is reset to zero,” Lefio blushed slightly and looked away from her.
“Hey, who are you to call me pretty, huh?” She was blushing as well.
“Let’s go. We can’t afford to delay anything,” This time, Tefia dashed forward in front of others. Another demon is going to block them….

Route of Earth(Path 7-Tunnel Storm Part Two)

December 25, 2009

After another few hours, it was evening and they decided to stop for a while and rest. A demon which was following them stopped as well. After another 30 minutes, just when they decided to continue moving forward,
“You are not reaching to our place!” A vampire suddenly dashed though them, scratching their arms using the claws on his hands. He was not visible due to the darkness. They quickly healed themselves and cast sunlight on themselves. Lights were illuminating the tunnel, with the magic circles floating near the ceiling, which were disabled earlier due to the dark aura. He was still invisible, except that his claws were exposed outside of his dark brown cape, which covered his whole body. His feet were even not touching the ground.
“You…how can you do this?” Lefio was shocked at his elevation ability,
“Don’t get tricked by his equipment!” Tefia held her ifnarisis, pointing the tail blade downwards and slashed the magic circle. They were dissipated, instead of breaking into pieces. He stepped onto the ground, with his dark aura flowing everywhere, returning the tunnel back into the darkness. Knowing trying to light up the tunnel again is useless, they quickly cast illumination on themselves, but the spell could not be cast.
“No one can shed light around me!” He dashed towards Lefio and scratched his black painted platinum armor. Despite the claws were not penetrating the armor, the force was felt and Lefio ended up getting a stomachache.
“You are wrong, demon! I can even make you emit light!” Meltine charged her machete on her right hand with photons and threw it towards him. He strafed to his left and jumped towards her.
She saw a faint light spot on his cape and threw it towards the spot. Knowing that place is the weak spot, he teleported himself to Orkaf’s back.
“As I expected!” Orkaf charged his doktionas, with the weapon being held horizontally and turned around, cutting the claws. He quickly restored the claws and teleported himself away.
“Don’t let down your guard. That vampire will return and make a sudden attack on us,” She changed the ruby on her ifnarisis into sapphire and shot a few water blasts on the ceiling. Water drops were dropping from it, making everyone wet. A few seconds later,
“Your sensing ability is great. But if you think this turns me into dusts, this is a big joke!” He ran through the wet grounds, with the silencer barrier covering him.
“I can still sense you as long as water exists!” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with electric aura and shot an electric spark on his head from the sapphire on the weapon. He made a few wall jumps, dodging the electric sparks. Suddenly, Tefia dashed to her front, pointing the tail blade frontward and stabbed him. It hit the faint light spot, but only the cape was destroyed, revealing his black 35% polyester and 65% cotton suit. Her neck was grabbed tightly.
“!” Just when he attempted to stab his claws, Orkaf charged his dokitonas with metal aura and stabbed it onto the ground. A silver spike pierced through his body and he was turned into dusts.
“You owe me one, you know!” Orkaf laughed with an opened big mouth.
“This will pay you, arrogant one!” She threw a green pea into his mouth, almost choking him. He coughed a few times, but suddenly he felt energized. “To specifically calling out a silver spike consumes a lot of energy, you know,”
“Let’s go. More demons will show up if we stay here. We can’t afford to delay our progress,” Lefio suddenly ran and the others quickly followed him. Another enemy will block them later on….

Route of Earth(Path 6-Tunnel Storm Part One)

December 25, 2009

The Laber tunnel was very dark, as the demons covered it with dark aura, making it looked narrower than usual. Faint sounds were heard along the tunnel, perhaps Tefia and the others were running in the tunnel. A few hours later, they were blocked by a minotaur.
“How dare you trespassing our territory! Get ready for you flight to the afterlife!” It took out a double I (an alloy made of 50% iridium and 50% indium) claw hammer with polycarbonate handle. The weapon is one meter long, somewhat longer than the usual length of 75 centimeters.
“I guess you are turning into dusts!” Orkaf suddenly hasten his dash and charged his dokitonas. As both weapons clash, the hammer was knocked back and hit its body, slamming him onto the ground.
“Aaaaaah!” Meltine charged her machetes and jumped, attempting to stab it from above, yet it suddenly jumped backwards, kicking her. She hit the ceiling and smashed the ground. She quickly stood up and threw them towards it.
“Double attack trick? I’ll let you taste this!” Just when she attempted to kick it from behind, it teleported itself to her back and she was kicked instead. The machetes slashed her arms, rendering her unable to attack. She fell onto the ground and unable to stand up, despite she healed herself.
“You goddamned demon!” Lefio took out his halberd and threw it in a projectile motion. It quickly jumped to take the weapon, but at the moment its hands touched the halberd,
“….” Tefia teleported beneath it, charged her ifnarisis with photons and shot a laser blast on him, holding her weapon as if she was holding a laser cannon upwards. It was tuned into dusts, but suddenly an identical minotaur appeared.
“Don’t you sense that it is merely a doppelganger?” It created two plane barriers and teleported everyone, leaving it and Tefia between the barriers. They were too strong that the others’ attack could not even scratch them.
“I thought demons are not honorable, but I guess your target is merely me. Get ready and fight me!” She charged her ifnarisis with electrons, waiting for his move. It was standing still, knowing that any moves will definitely making it injured. It charged itself with dark aura and emitting dark waves everywhere.
“If this is what you want, I guess I have to entertain you somehow,” She stabbed her ifnarisis onto the ground, absorbing some of the dark aura. She held the weapon reversely and a part of the rod turned into a segmented whip.
“!” Just when she started to swing it, it teleported to her back, attempting to knock her back using its hammer but the whip turned to her back, hitting it. It was smashed to the wall to his right and fainted. She dashed away from it as she is taking a defensive strategy. She quickly discharged the dark aura between the barriers.
“I guess you are forcing me, or I should say, lure me to attack,” She charged her ifnarisis with ice aura and shot a few ice spikes. They were shot as if they were shot from a gun rather than a rod.
“Ha, you are smart enough to prevent a counterattack, but not smart enough to kill me!” It suddenly recovered itself as it faked its fainting and knocked the ice spikes back to her. She dodged them and stood still. It charged its hammer with earth aura and smashed the ground. Rock spikes suddenly struck up from the ground, almost hitting her who jumped away from it.
“Is that all?” She jumped to his above just when it smashed the ground for the second time. The spike pierced through it and turned it into dusts. They quickly rushed forward, but they don’t know that a demon is following from back….

Route of Earth(Path 5-Backtrack)

December 24, 2009

After a few minutes, they left the bar and walked away from the lift.
“So, what is your plan?” Orkaf asked everyone.
“I think we should go back to Draf,” Lefio answered him.
“Draf, the port town? Why?” Orkaf felt weird of his answer.
“Demons lurk there and killed a few guards. I just wondered if they are moving south and trying to locate you,” Lefio asked Tefia.
“That may be one of the possibilities. My town hasn’t get attacked by demons yet,” Tefia felt suspicious of what he had said. She knew that the demons have other agendas. “Let’s go. We have to help them out somehow,” He walked towards the tunnel, branching out from the tunnel connecting Lin and the city. The others quickly followed her.
One day later, they arrived at the port town of Draf. The port area is located underwater with its facilities located in the sea as well. The houses are located in the deep grounds with the houses are arranged in 3×3 house blocks. They are all painted green, perhaps to make the houses recognizable in the brown surroundings. Suddenly, a few odd noises were heard.
“Help me!” A man was yelling loudly that a faint sound was heard by them.
“That man needs some help,” She equipped herself with an oxygenator suit and ran towards to a magic circle at the east side. The others were simply waiting as they don’t have such equipments. She stood on the magic circle and she got teleported into the sea. She was shocked when an unarmed man was beaten by a skeleton.
“Now you show yourself up, eh. Now it’s time to beat you into lumps of meat!” It took out a bone with 1 meter long and dashed to its front, pointing the bone towards Tefia while shooting a few pieces of bone plates.
“I guess you haven’t known anything about me yet,” She charged her ifnarisis with photons and shot a few laser beams, crushing the bone plates. She stood still, waiting for it to approach her.
“!” Just when it came close and swung its bone, attempting to knock her out, she held her ifnarisis in a reverse formation and stabbed through the bone and its chest plate. It was turned into dusts.
“Hang in there, mister,” She swam towards the beaten man and healed him.
“Oh, thanks miss. This skeleton has beaten up a few of my coworkers to death. I guess the demons are trying to find something. As a token of gratitude, I have a rumor for you,” He tidied his messy clothes. “I heard that lots of demons are gathering near Estranaf,” He whispered at her, knowing that demons may eavesdropping this conversation.
“I bet that is the den of the demons and there is something that they think I should not lay hands of it. Thanks for the information,” She swam back to the deep grounds. The others were waiting for her near the tunnel.
“So, any news about demons?” Lefio and Meltine spoke the same thing at the same speed. They suddenly blushed for a few seconds.
“Estranaf is now plagued with demons. I afraid that we have to use the Laber (names after the one who dig the tunnel) tunnel if we want to go faster,” Tefia cleaned her ifnarisis as she was speaking.
“That is very risky, but I guess this is a good way to thrash more demons,” Orkaf took out his doktionas. “Let’s bust it in!”
“Yeah, those demons need a painful lesson after all,” Meltine took out her machetes and rushed inside. The others quickly followed her. The first onslaught against demons shall start….

Route of Earth(Path 4-The Unknown Words)

December 22, 2009

Three days later, they arrived at Farjio city. A lift made from magic circles connects the people of deep grounds with people on the land was placed at the center of the city. The light emitting magic circles were placed on the walls rather than the ceiling. The houses were arranged surrounding the lift in a circular formation.
“It’s quite busy around there, I must say. Look at the people,” Tefia was amazed by the crowds coming in and out of the city. She walked around the city and saw various shops and residential houses were very colorful.
“Let’s hang out in the bar. That’s the place where rumors spread out from,” Orkaf pointed to a mug shaped wooden plate near the lift. They walked inside and saw there were no seats and some customers even standing. They wandered around to listen to the rumors.
“I heard that the owner of the Lin town mine is a demon,” Lefio heard someone bad mouthing Ancrast. “If he is a demon those miners were already dead. In fact, he enlarged the mine and found out new metal stocks,”
“Don’t you think that that guy over there is a demon?” A customer pointed at Lefio and he noticed that.
“What if I’m one? I’m not gonna kill you like those baddies out there,” He walked towards the desk near the entrance and stared at the man who pointed at him.
“Lately, a few demons lurk around Draf and killed the workers who guard the water seal. If you really a good man get rid of those culprits,” The customer added. At the meantime,
“Hey, any metal stock around your town’s new mine?” A few co-workers of Orkaf had some chatter with him at the desk near the bartender.
“The officers said that we are approaching the three suspected huge metal blocks buried around the mine. Those metal blocks are owned by the government so if we discovered them we are obligated to hand them. But they said that ‘we’ll be paid some compensation’,” He drank a glass of water.
“I guess we’ll be paid at most 1500 Gleds,”
“Perhaps even Ancrast get that amount as well,”
“That rich guy must be pissed off if he gets that much of money,” They all laughed together, but quickly sighed after a few seconds. “Yeah, I want to tell you that I won’t be around here for long,”
“Cos’ I’ll help out a chosen one,”
“Go for it, pal!” At the meantime, at the first floor,
“Hey, want some spare parts for your weapons?” An old man with long, white beard sat at the center and yelled at everyone. A red, big treasure chest shaped box was seen on the ground. Everyone ignored him as their weapons are in good condition.
“Do you have a rod grip?” Tefia asked him, knowing that he is desperate to get money.
“Yes,” He opened the box. “What kind of grip pattern you would want?”
“I think I’ll take this,” She took a rod grip with a cross shape pattern and attached it onto her ifnarisis.
“20 Gleds, miss,” He spoke with a weak tone.
“Keep the charge,” Tefia gave him a 50 Gled bank note and went down the stairs. At the meantime,
“Hey, want drink with us?” A few knights having some rest yelled at Meltine.
“Yes, only if you tell me what’s happening lately,” She winked at them, knowing what to do.
“There are demons around Draf town, and a lot more at the northern areas beyond here. If you are to proceed to the north, please be careful. A lot of travelers like you were raped and killed for reasons unknown,”
“So, the deep grounds are now invaded by demons, I think?” She drank a cup of tea.
“Yes, be careful. And good luck,” They teleported themselves away. The day is yet to finish….