Route of Sea(Path 98-The Holy Trial Stage Seven Part One)

She was teleported to the sea again. This time, the sea level was barely above her head. She started to feel anxious, as she felt closer to Waryl.
“Waryl, why I feel closer and closer to you?” She looked at the sky and sighed. Suddenly, a miner wearing mining gears appeared in front of her.
“My name is Traknil Eskion, and…let’s fight,” He started his attack by charging his mining axe with thunder aura and stabbed on the seal, lying on their legs. Oddly, nothing happened.
“What a wimp,” She charged her blade guns but suddenly thunder aura particles were filling her blade guns and they were jammed. “This?” She flowed the aura particles into her bullets and shot the bullets. The bullets shot some thunder sparks towards him, but he strafed towards his right and dodged them.
“She can recover her weapons easily…this is definitely a legitimate chosen one,” He charged his mining axe and launched a few slash waves towards her while dashing towards her.
“Tch…what a reckless one,” She teleported to his side and kicked him a few times. He was pushed a few meters away. She continued to shot him, but he quickly recovered from his pain and blocked the shots. He even knocked the bullets back towards her by swinging his mining axe like a badminton racquet.
“What the…looks like I need to gone berserk, I guess,” She kept her blade guns into her dimensional storage and took out her machine gun. She charged it and shot lots of bullets towards him.
“Gone berserk? What a foolish move,” He teleported to her back but she quickly turned around and knocked him away. She aimed her machine gun on him but he quickly teleported himself away from her.
“Even this can’t work on him? This is a major problem,” She stopped shooting and kept the machine gun into her dimensional storage. She took out a pair of shot guns, charged them with thunder aura and shot thunder strikes towards him. He quickly dodged them and launched a few slash waves towards her while dashing towards her.
“This should work,” He blocked the thunder strikes shot on him. When he gone near, he knocked his mining axe on her stomach and rammed her onto the ground as if he was a rugby player. She was damaged and her shot guns were thrown away. She quickly punched his head and his shoulders.
“This is way too dangerous. I can’t simply let him attack me,” She teleported herself away and took out her blade guns. She charged her blade guns with earth aura and stabbed the seal. Shockwaves along rock stalagmites slanting left and right were launched towards him. He jumped out from the sea, charged his mining axe and launched a few pulsar slash waves towards her.
“Now!” She blocked the slash waves but he was slashed at her back as he teleported herself towards her back. She quickly turned around but he teleported to her back again and attempted to slash her again, but this time she cast repel barrier on herself and his attack was repelled.
“Great. Now I can fight my way,” She teleported herself away from him. She changed her cartridges with rapier bullet cartridges, charged the bullets with metal aura and rapier was formed in the barrels.
“What kind of weapon is that? I can’t let her attack on her free will,” He charged his mining axe with metal aura and threw it towards her. He took out another mining axe and jumped out from the sea again.
“That trick? That is way old fashioned, buddy,” She jumped out from the sea and launched the rapiers towards him. The battle continues….


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