Route of Sea(Path 99-The Holy Trial Stage Seven Part Two)

The rapiers were dodged, and he launched a few slash waves towards her. The mining axe was moving back towards him through her.
“Damn….” She quickly teleported herself inside the sea. The mining axe hit the slash waves, reflecting them back towards him. He quickly teleported himself away to take his mining axe, which was fallen into the sea. She changed her cartridges back to the screw bullets but he suddenly appeared at her back through teleportation and cross slashed her.
“This is it…you are finished!” He charged his mining axes, attempting to finish her off but she jumped out from the sea and healed himself. She shot a few rotating screw bullets towards him while dashing towards him. He charged his mining axes with wind aura and stabbed the ground. Tornadoes formed on the seal, blowing the bullets away.
“You think I can’t get through with this?” She charged herself with wind and sky auras. Mini sized tornadoes surrounded her, protecting her from the tornadoes formed on the seal. She continued to dash through the tornadoes. She aimed the blade guns on him and shot a few rotating screw bullets towards him.
“Is that all?” He absorbed the tornadoes he launched earlier as his mining axes’ wind aura and shot a wind blast on her. She was unharmed, but she was unable to move forward. The mini tornadoes were disappeared when his attack was stopped. They both were exhausted as they expended 95% of their aura reserves.
“Exhaustion…again?” She kept her blade guns in her dimensional storage and took out her salamander guns. The guns were not the ones of her usual use, but a heavily modified version. The barrels were shorter and attached to a silencer. The cartridges were 15 centimeters long instead of standard size of 10 centimeters. She charged the cartridges, but oddly nothing happened except that the cartridges were almost empty, with one bullet left in each cartridge, which were reloading rapidly.
“What a big empty boast. Die!” He charged his mining axes and dashed towards her while launching slash waves towards her.
“Are you really sure of that? Watch your mouth before you attack,” Two magic circles appeared in front of each of the barrels of her guns. She pulled the trigger slowly and the bullet was shot towards the magic circles. The bullet turned into lots of accelerated bullets.
“This is still a boast to me, fool,” He charged himself with non-elemental aura and a spherical barrier was formed surrounding him. Then, he charged the barrier with astro and rock auras.
“Meteor strike? I won’t allow that!” She threw her salamander guns away and took out her blade guns. She dashed towards him while charging her blade guns with metal aura.
“Comet dash!” He cast the spell on his barrier. It was launched towards her at high speed. She was hit and the barrier was shattered into dusts, making him unable to launch them to attack her.
“I thought you can do better, but unfortunately, you are not!” She healed herself and shot a few rotating screw bullets towards him. Realizing that he used up his aura reserves, he strafed away from the bullets.
“This might work,” He let water aura seep inside his body and turned them into his aura reserves. A few minutes later, he charged his mining axes with photons and thunder aura.
“Thunder lasers…he must be stopped or I’ll lose immediately!” She charged her blade guns and launched the blades towards her. He dodged the blades and launched a few slash waves directly out of the sea. She jumped and kicked the slash waves back towards him. He was fainted after the slash waves hit him and he was teleported away. She passed the stage. The next stage will be harder….


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