Route of Sea(Path 100-The Holy Trial Stage Eight Part One)

She was recovered again. The seal was raised up that her head and her chest were above the sea.
“This is the first time I deal with such a battlefield. My arms may need to go for ambidextrous (both air and water) capabilities. This is getting harder, I guess,” She looked at the sky and the surroundings. There were no lands at all. Suddenly, a cannonman appeared in front of him. His Ancetilo (glass fiber thread reinforced with titanium) suit with five barrel cannons attached on his shoulders looked very sturdy.
“My name is Hafium Klorz. You fight shall end here,” He started his attack by shooting a few sonar wave pulses towards her. She strafed away from the shots and shot a few rotating screw bullets towards him.
“Another lame opening….” She dashed towards him while shooting bullets towards him. He let the bullets went inside the barrels. When she was close, he shot the bullets back towards her, along with a few sonar wave pulses. She was hit, but she quickly teleported herself away. She healed herself, feeling surprised of his skills.
“Afraid already? How pathetic,” He charged his cannons and launched double helix sonar wave pulses towards her. They were too fast that she was barely dodged them. He charged his cannons with thunder aura and launched the same attack again. This time, she was paralyzed. She was unable to move.
“Such powers…I can’t imagine he is that skillful,” She recovered herself from paralysis, but she felt dizzy. She quickly recovered her senses and charged her blade guns with photons. He sensed her movements and dashed towards her.
“Blades…she must be launching them. I will not allow that,” He took out an efsania. It was a lance with the four tips in a square formation, which does not coincide with the pole. There was a hole on the pole where the four tips slanting away, giving it shooting capabilities. He charged it with photons, attempting to launch the lasers while stabbing her, but she dashed backwards and shot the bullets. They were blocked, but one of the shots was stuck inside the hole. A laser beam was shot from the opposite end instead. He quickly aimed it on her.
“Even this can’t stop him…I’ll stop him by force,” She launched the blades and reflected the laser beams back towards him, but he changed the aim and the lasers were reflected towards her instead.
“Ha! Now who are stopping who, huh?” He stopped his attack and ran towards her. He swung his efsania as if it was a golf club and she was thrown away.
“This guy gone berserk…way stronger….” She launched the blades towards him and he was injured. He charged himself with wind aura, repelled the blades stabbed in his body and blew them towards her. She teleported them back towards her blade guns.
“Now I see…I must use my cannons,” He charged his cannons with thunder aura and jumped.
“You are not doing this anymore,” She charged her blade guns with rock aura. Sandstone covered the blades and they were launched towards the cannons. He shot six-fold helix sonar wave pulses towards her.
“Now!” He teleported himself behind her. He turned around, swinging his cannons. She was hit and thrown away again.
“He is too strong…I must prevent him from getting close,” She charged her guns and shot a few rotating screw bullets towards her. He dodged the shots and ran towards her trying to knock her again. She charged her blade guns with positrons and photons, attempting to shot him. The battle is hard….


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