Route Of Sea(Path 102-The Holy Trial Stage Nine Part One)

She was recovered again, but this time, the seal was disappeared and she was standing on the surface of the sea. She was covered with an unknown barrier, which prevents her from sinking into the sea. She was able to lie onto the surface of the sea. Suddenly, a slayer appeared in front of her. Her scythe was 2 meters long, made from Resier (a composite material made from 25% marble, 25% platinum, 25% glass, and 25% kaolin). Her Fenalin (an alloy made from 25% of titanium, 25% of manganese, 25% of aluminum and 25% of Indium) armor looked indestructible.
“My name is Kyafe Nirafa. You shall stop your trial here,” She started her attack by launching a few slash waves in projectile motion. The slash waves were looping, forming short range shockwaves. Serene charged her blade guns with wind aura and shot a few tornado covered bullets towards them. They were reflected back towards her, but she reflected them again back towards Serene.
“What the….?” She dodged the attack, charged her bullets with pyro aura and shot the bullets. “Larks” was formed on the bullets as they travelled towards Kyafe.
“What is she doing…those bullets are really troublesome,” She dodged the bullets, despite that the heat from the “larks” heated up the armor. She charged her scythe with thunder aura and stabbed sea level. Thunder pulses were launched on sea level towards Serene.
“This is very fast…she must be trying to set a trap,” She jumped to avoid the attack but suddenly the pulses were raised up hit her. She was electrocuted and fell onto the sea level. She healed himself and ran randomly, fearing that Kyafe will teleport herself and attack her from nowhere.
“She knows my tricks, but I know another one,” She launched a few slash waves towards Serene, a few randomly to the sky and a few randomly on the sea level. Serene dashed backwards, jumped to her front and strafed to left. She shot a few rotating screw bullets towards her, but Kyafe teleported to her top, a few meters away from her head and shot a few laser beams from a hole on her scythe’s heel towards her. She dashed to her front but Kyafe launched a few slash waves towards her and she was hit. While she was falling onto the sea level, she charged her bullets with wind and sky auras, attempting to shot tornado covered bullets towards Kyafe, but kyafe teleported herself towards Serene’s left and launched cross shaped wave slash attack on her. She was thrown away again,”
“Tch…this one is way too different…I can’t allow her to fight like this,” She healed herself and stood up. She charged her blade guns and launched the blades towards Kyafe, but she teleported herself to Serene’s back. This time, the blades were teleported as well and stabbed her. Serene turned around and charged her blade guns with positrons. Yet, she teleported herself 25 meters away from Serene. The blades were teleported back to her blade guns.
“How can she do that? Looks like she knows who I am now. I will not give up easily,” Kyafe charged her scythe with wind aura and smashed the ground by holding the scythe so that the blade is parallel to the sea level. Tidal waves were rising and moved towards Serene.
“What? Tsunami? She is digging her own grave,” Serene changed her cartridges with wave bullet cartridges, charged the bullets with sub-zero aura and shot the freezing wave shots. The tsunami was frozen into an iceberg, but Kyafe quickly launched a few slash waves towards it, forming lots of ice shards and launched them towards her. The battle is extremely intense and continues….


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