Route of Sea(Path 103-The Holy Trial Stage Nine Part Two)

Serene teleported to her back, 30 meters away from Kyafe. Kyafe saw her moves and turned around. They stared each other sharply, knowing that they were hard enemies.
“Your smarts amazed me, but too bad you are not passing this stage,” She charged her scythe with hydro aura and acid auras.
“Acid rain…fool,” Serene charged her blade guns with alkali and hydro auras. Seeing their own moves, they quickly discharged their auras on their weapons. She changed the cartridges back to the screw bullet cartridge, charged the bullets with thunder aura and shot them to the sky. Thunder sparks were launched towards Kyafe.
“Impudent fool,” She dashed in a zig-zag formation, leaving trails of laser beams which were launched towards Serene in projectile motion. She dashed backwards while charging her bullets with gravitons and pyro aura.
“Grenade shots?” Kyafe jumped and launched a few slash waves towards her.
“Wrong,” She shot the bullets in projectile motion. Flames were shot on Kyafe. She blocked them by casting barrier on herself and launched a few slash waves towards Serene while dashing towards her. Just when she was close by, she shot a few of them onto the sea level and dashed backwards. Flames rose up from the sea level, injuring her.
“She did that? This is getting interesting,” She charged her scythe with hydro aura and threw it onto the sea level. Tidal waves with height 15 meters were launched in all directions.
“She must be trying to knock me down and finish me off, but if it became an iceberg…I know how,” She charged her blade guns with pyro aura and launched the flames as if they were flame throwers. Sea water was turned into steam and she dashed towards the scythe. Just when she attempted to kick the scythe, Kyafe charged her scythe with thunder aura and she was electrocuted and paralyzed.
“It’s time to end the trial,” Kyafe charged her scythe with photons and launched a few laser beams towards Serene. She quickly recovered herself from paralysis, jumped away from the laser beams and healed herself.
“I’m not that vulnerable, you know,” She charged her blade guns with steam aura and shot steam haze to the sky. Steam covered the area, hindering their sights. Kyafe charged her scythe with wind and sky auras.
“This is what you want?” She threw her scythe onto the sea level. It was spinning and formed a tornado, launching wind blades everywhere. The steam was disappeared. Serene charged her blade guns with wind aura and launched the tornado covered blades towards the scythe. The scythe was tilted and the tornado was directed towards Kyafe instead.
“This is impossible. Perhaps I need something special to deal with her,” Kyafe discharged the aura in her scythe and took it. She charged it with hydro aura and threw it to the sky. Water crystals dropped as if the sky was raining ice. Serene quickly charged her blade guns with pyro aura and stabbed the sea level. Heat turned the water crystals into steam, forming haze which was larger than the one made earlier and hindering their sights.
“This is it,” She charged her blade guns and the bullets with photons. Kyafe saw the light from such charging and dashed towards her. She threw it upwards while dashing away from her and took out her shot guns. Kyafe sensed her movement and teleported to her back, but she quickly jumped and shot a few bullets towards Kyafe and threw away her shot guns. Kyafe jumped out from the steam haze, but she took her blade guns and shot laser blasts towards Kyafe. Kyafe was fainted. She passed the stage and she was teleported to the endless and bottomless ocean. There was a seal on the sea level, preventing her from moving out from the ocean.
“Waryl…it’s you,” Serene was shocked that Waryl was waiting for her. He was wearing brass armor, armed with the winged sword.
“Yes. Let’s fight again, like what we did once,” He pointed his sword on her. The final battle starts….


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