Route of Sea(Path 104-The Holy Trial Final Stage Part One)

Waryl started his attack by launching a few slash waves towards Serene while dashing towards her. She shot rotating screw bullets towards them, reflecting them back towards him, but he attached them onto his sword’s blade and cross slashed her. She teleported herself away and healed herself.
“Where are your fighting skills? Or…!” He dashed towards her while charging his sword with pyro aura but suddenly the pyro aura flowed into her body. He quickly discharged the pyro aura, preventing any damage.
“This is mere some assessment. Now the real thing starts!” She charged her blade guns and launched the blades towards him while shooting a few rotating screw bullets towards him. He dived downwards while dashing frontwards and launched his side blades towards her.
“Take this,” He teleported to her back and attempted to slash her, but she blocked it using her blade guns. Just when the side blades approaching her, she teleported herself away. He quickly attached the side blades back to the slots.
“His dexterity is plain frightening. Is this the true power of a saint?” She teleported her blades back towards her blade guns. She charged her bullets with thunder aura and shot the bullets above and below her. The thunder sparks connected the bullets, forming an electrical net. She dashed inside while dodging the thunder sparks, attempting to slash him.
“Fool,” He dashed inside and smashed her using his sword, as if it was a baseball club. She hit the electrical net and got electrocuted. He dashed towards her but he hit the electrical net as well. They both teleported away from each other and healed themselves.
“What if I do this?” She charged her bullets with wind aura and shot tornado covered bullets towards him. He dived upwards and shot a few laser beams towards her. She reflected them back towards him, but he swam downwards and dashed towards her. She dived downwards to avoid him, but he teleported himself to her back.
“No, she will kick me. I can’t let her do that,” He teleported himself away and flowed some non-elemental aura into his sword’s side blades. They turned onto the cross guards as if they were cutting claws.
“I can’t allow such attack,” She charged her blade guns. The blades aligned on a line and launched towards him. He charged his sword’s central blade and launched it towards her, destroying the blades along the way.
“What the?” He was shocked when she kicked the blade. It was thrown upwards. Suddenly, he teleported himself to her back and reset the side blades’ configuration. The blades were turned back straight, moving like claws. She was injured, but she quickly teleported herself to the central blade, charged her legs and kicked it towards him.
“Now!” She teleported 50 meters below him and shot a few accelerated and rotating screw bullets towards him.
“This won’t work on me!” He cast attack shift on himself. Two magic circles formed in front of him, perpendicular to the direction of the bullets.
“Damn…but I know how to deal with this,” She charged a few bullets with pyro aura and shot towards the magic circles.
“!” He dashed towards her and cancelled the spell. He teleported the central blade back to his sword’s slot. Suddenly, he was disappeared. She looked everywhere but there were no signs of him.
“He’s there, eh?” She charged her bullets with thunder aura and shot a few bullets towards him, which was a few kilometers below him. He quickly teleported himself away and appeared on her top. She changed the cartridges with the feather bullet cartridges given by Waryl earlier. “Sorry, Waryl. But I must defeat you,” The battle will come to an end….


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