Route of Sea(Path 105-The Holy Trial Final Stage Part Two)

“So, you are fighting against me using my gift? Thanks, but I will not lose,” Waryl kept his sword into his dimensional storage. He took out another sword, which was almost the same, except that the cross guards were wings, and they were larger. He charged the wings with wind aura and launched some feathers towards her in high speed.
“Oh really?” She dashed backwards and shot a salvo of feather bullets towards him. He cast wall to protect himself, but the feather bullets struck at the exact same spot of the wall, causing the wall was crushed easily. He teleported himself away, feeling surprised by her sharp eyesight, perhaps due to the zero recoil ability of feather bullets.
“What happened to him? Whatever, I’ll defeat him and take the holy weapon,” She charged her bullets with thunder aura and shot some more bullets towards him.
“I will not surrender,” He charged his sword and dashed towards her, slashing his way through the thunder spark shooting bullets. She charged her blade guns with thunder aura and launched the blades, but he cast barrier on himself to block the blades.
“Get lost,” She quickly charged her bullets with metal aura and shot a few feather bullets towards her, but they were blocked using his sword and she was thrown 15 meters upwards. She quickly healed himself, shooting some bullets towards Waryl who was dashing towards her. When he got close, he attempted to launch wave slash attack on her, but she blocked it using her blade guns, which was charged with metal aura. He quickly dashed away from her.
“Let’s do this, Serene,” He kept his sword into his dimensional storage and took out a pair of esquadria. They both aimed and stared each other. They hesitated to attack as they knew that if they start the attack they will get attacked. She charged her bullets with satan aura and shot a few feather bullets upwards. Purple laser beams were launched towards him. He quickly cast mirror to reflect the laser beams back towards her but she dodged the lasers while shooting some feather bullets towards him.
“You are really a great one. But for my mission, I must defeat you,” She teleported to his back but he turned around, attempting to slash her but the attack was blocked using her blade guns. He teleported himself away from her, charged his esquadria with metal aura and dashed towards her while she was charging her blade guns with positrons. Just when he came close, she blocked the cross shaped wave slash attack and shot the blasts on him. He was fainted. She finally passed the holly trial.
“Well done, Serene. You have proven that you are worthy as a chosen one,” He woke up and looked at her.
“So, what is your next plan? I have to go and slay the demon lord, you know,” She dashed away from him.
“I don’t know. Perhaps after this I’ll be sent back to the sea and I’ll resume my usual job. I need to work for a living,” He swam towards her. Suddenly, the saint gun appeared in front of her. Her blade guns were shining with the saint gun. They were combine into Iylnasio (an alloy made from 10% of iron, 10% of titanium, 10% of platinum, 10% of gold, 10% of silver, 10% of aluminum, 10% of manganese, 10% zinc, 10% of copper and 10% of iridium) blade gun. It had double cartridge slots and double barrels. The blades were attached on near the end of the silencers attached to the barrels.
“This will be a help to slay it,” She sighed when she looked at the weapon. “Waryl, take care. I promise I’ll return once I’m done,” Suddenly, Waryl hugged her.
“Remember, you are always in my heart,” He kissed her. Suddenly, she was teleported away. “I love you, Serene,”
“I’ll love you too, Waryl,” Serene’s voice was heard from nowhere. Waryl was teleported back to Xirgon Island. The route of sea has finally completed. The other routes are yet to be seen….


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