Route of Earth (Path 1-Demons Are Not All Evil)

As she ran through the tunnel, she climbed up the stairs and ran through the underground hallway, 100 meters below the ground. A hole, which was sealed with a waste filtering seal, perhaps to prevent solid waste flow into the tunnel when the sewage storage was full, which, happened a few days earlier before she went down for the delivery.
“What is this package? Why the note says, ‘I am just the placeholder for the true owner of the item inside this package. This item belongs to the chosen one,’?” She looked at the package while running forward. Suddenly, a few snakes appeared in front of her.
“I’m in a hurry, fool,” She took out her ifnarisis, a ruby rod with a 15 centimeter tail blade and four small sized blades surrounding the spherical ruby, as long as the diameter of it. She dashed forward while holding the ifnarisis with the tail blade forward. Their heads were dropped onto the ground.
“Easy job, easy done,” She continued her delivery as she continued to run through the tunnel. After a few hours, she was tired and had some rest, lying against the wall. A few minutes later, some dusts were seen around her.
“There are demons nearby…I must be careful,” She stood up while taking her ifnarisis. She walked slowly through the tunnel and saw a humanoid demon with black, feathery wings was discharging his aura. He ignored her presence while still discharging his aura, knowing that she will not harm him. She simply waited for him to finish the process for 15 minutes.
“What is it? I know I’m a demon, but I’m not like those demon lord’s minions. Want a proof?” He told her while pointing his fingers backwards. He did not see that a Minotaur as tall as him was rushing towards them.
“Damn…what kind of curse you have put upon me?” She aimed her ifnarisis at the Minotaur with the ruby to her front. She charged it with fire aura and cast fire ignalial on it but it was unharmed.
“Looks like it resisted your spell. Watch my moves,” He dashed towards it while taking out his axe halberd. The axe parts were solid and made from stainless steel while the tip was an isosceles triangular platinum plate blade. Its handle is made from titanium, with synthetic rubber coating to improve grip. Just when he came close to the Minotaur he stabbed it using the triangular blade and swung it downwards, making the lower axe part another damaging tool. It was turned into dusts.
“Whoa, this is quite some strength in you. I just wondered, what are you doing here?” Tefia was amazed how he defeated the Minotaur.
“I’m here to eliminate other demons which interfere with human’s life. Looks like I haven’t introduced myself, I think. My name is Lefio Kinaf. Nice to meet you,” Lefio introduced himself.
“Now you’ve mentioned it. My name is Tefia Rypal. Nice to meet you too,” She smiled. Suddenly, she ran through the tunnel and Lefio quickly chased her. “I’ve got some package to deliever so catch me if you can!” She shouted at him while running away from him.
“Damn…there are more demons over there. I can’t let her deal with them alone,” He accelerated his steps, trying to catch her up. Suddenly, some fighting noises were heard and they stopped near a corner and peeked around it.
“Why I’m stuck around those demons?” A miner with his doktionas, a T-shaped mining axe with trapezoidal solid brass blade was battling a Cerberus.
“Shut your mouth and fight properly!” A saint with her pair of magnalium machetes was fighting alongside him. This enemy is much harder to fight against….


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