Route of Earth(Path 2-Small Time Detour)

“Take this!” Tefia charged her infarisis with water aura and gravitons. “Rain drop bullet!” She cast the spell and water drops were dropping from the top of the tunnel. Every single drop hits the Cerberus as if a bag of Osmium hitting him from the sky.
“Thanks a lot, but this battle is mine!” The saint charged towards it while throwing her machetes. She knocked it for a few meters before the machetes hit it. Just when she jumped, attempting to finish it off by piercing the machetes through its body,
“Sorry, but the finisher is not yours, but mine,” The miner charged his doktionas with electric aura and stabbed the ground with the handle perpendicular to the ground. Sinusodial electric pulses moved towards it. The pulses hit it, making it electrocuted and it was turned into dusts.
“You…bastard….” She took the machetes and ran towards him, as if a mad man running to kill people without reason.
“Calm down, people from above worlds,” Lefio caught her hands. “He is trying to save you from an attack attempted from you, just his words are a little bit…arrogant,” He tried to calm her.
“I thought you’ll kill me, but you don’t. Who are you actually?” She was blushing, but she hid it using de-red spell.
“My name is Lefio Kinaf. I’m….” Lefio tried to answer her but she backed off and kept her machetes on her waist.
“You are quite pity. Being exiled to this unknown place, with your parents separated to different realms…it must be hard for you. Wait for a sec,” She cast sound portal on herself. “I’ve located the exiled prince. Should I locate the other one?”
“Yes. I need you to get him as soon as possible before any demons get him,” An unknown voice gave her orders. The communication was closed.
“So, you are finding Ancrast as well?” Lefio asked her with a concerned voice.
“Yes, those minions of demon lord must not find him. By the way, can you tell me what happened actually?” She asked him.
“After the Zard incident, Ancrast’s father was accused for planning the incident, but actually someone else planned that. They were exiled after an unfair prosecution and my father was raised up to the throne. A few months earlier, my father was suddenly dethroned when he was accused for allowing saints to enter the realm of satan. We were then exiled. I tried to locate Ancrast to tell him about what happened when he was gone. But I afraid that he is now held captive or trying to avoid me,” Lefio walked away from her.
“Wait…did you say Ancrast?” The miner asked him.
“You know where he is?” He suddenly ran towards the miner.
“He is now resting in Lin Town. He must be very tired. A few months earlier, he discovered a new mixed metal mine around there and started to dig with us. Today the mine is closed for a week for safety checks by local authorities, so I think we can go to his house and see him,” He answered Lefio while rubbing his head.
“Let’s go. Tefia, I suspect that that package is delivered to him. Show that place to me,” Lefio told her and quickly ran away from them. They quickly followed him.
“Who are you? What are you doing here?” Tefia asked the miner.
“My name is Orkaf Sinox, a miner from Lin town. I’m on my way to going back to my hometown, but I bumped into a demon that was attacking a saint. The next thing is as we have faced,” He introduced himself. This oddity is yet to be solved….


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