Route of Earth(Path 3-The True Owner)

Two days later, they arrived at Lin Town. The houses were arranged around the wall, leaving most of the town an empty area. There was a big magic circle floating on the ceiling, emitting light like a big street light.
“This is it,” Orkaf pointed to a blue mansion.
“That damned guy…” Lefio clenched his fists. “I will not forgive him,” He ran towards the mansion and kicked the door. It was smashed and he saw Ancrast was sleeping on a sofa. His skin was pale, with the wings bruised.
“Hey, what is this commotion…oh, it’s you, Lefio. Sorry for not contacting you. I’ve been very busy on digging a new mine for the people of Lin. I only sleep for 5 hours per day so I need to sleep more for now. I’ll contact you when I wake up,” He only opened his mouth. Looking at such condition, Lefio was not angry anymore. We walked outside and repaired the door, making it closed so that no light will enter the house.
“So, what does he say?” The saint asked him.
“I think he won’t speak anything for now. He is too tired to even wake up. Let’s wait for some time,” Lefio walked away from the mansion, ignoring the others.
“Wait…he is supposed to take his package now,” Tefia suddenly spoke up.
“What?” Lefio was shocked by her statement. A few seconds later, a maid suddenly appeared.
“My master couldn’t wake up, so he invited you all to come in and open the parcel in front of him,” She told everyone. They went inside, with the package teleported to a desk in front of the sofa.
“Man, this will drain me a lot, but I think with that tea of hers I can hang on for a few more hours,” Ancrast seemed to be slightly more refreshed. “This parcel’s content…I have a feeling that someone near here is worthy to have it,” He opened it and a compass was inside. Suddenly, Tefia and the compass were teleported away to the realm of saint. She was shocked upon looking at the white surroundings, except the black spot a few meters in front of her.
“So, it is you. Touch the black spot, and you will be the chosen one,” An unknown voice, appearing nowhere, was talking to her. She walked towards the black spot and touched it. The destiny and fate’s compass appeared glowing as the black spot disappeared. It was teleported inside her dimensional storage.
“Go and collect the four holy items,” She heard the last words before she was teleported back to the mansion.
“So, you are the chosen one. My name is Meltine Phika, and I’ll help you on your mission,” The saint introduced herself.
“I’ll follow you. My task is complete, but I can’t allow any likes of mine harming you,” Lefio stepped outside, looking at the crowds.
“You haven’t crossed around the deep undergrounds, right? I’ll help you to navigate around this continent,” Orkaf walked towards Lefio and tapped his shoulder. “You won’t dump me, right?”
“Thanks a lot. So, where should we go next?” Tefia asked everyone.
“I suggest that you go to Farjio city. That place is a good place for collecting rumors. Demons are now invading the deep undergrounds so there must be stories passing here and there,” Ancrast was lying on his sofa, looking at them.
“Thanks. Let’s go!” She walked out from the mansion with the others.
“Finally, your job is done,” The maid told Ancrast.
“I wanted to help them, but too bad this mine cannot be ignored. Someday I’ll catch them up. Wanna join me then?” Ancrast asked her with a soft tone.
“Yes,” She nooded her head. The task has finally started….


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