Route of Earth(Path 4-The Unknown Words)

Three days later, they arrived at Farjio city. A lift made from magic circles connects the people of deep grounds with people on the land was placed at the center of the city. The light emitting magic circles were placed on the walls rather than the ceiling. The houses were arranged surrounding the lift in a circular formation.
“It’s quite busy around there, I must say. Look at the people,” Tefia was amazed by the crowds coming in and out of the city. She walked around the city and saw various shops and residential houses were very colorful.
“Let’s hang out in the bar. That’s the place where rumors spread out from,” Orkaf pointed to a mug shaped wooden plate near the lift. They walked inside and saw there were no seats and some customers even standing. They wandered around to listen to the rumors.
“I heard that the owner of the Lin town mine is a demon,” Lefio heard someone bad mouthing Ancrast. “If he is a demon those miners were already dead. In fact, he enlarged the mine and found out new metal stocks,”
“Don’t you think that that guy over there is a demon?” A customer pointed at Lefio and he noticed that.
“What if I’m one? I’m not gonna kill you like those baddies out there,” He walked towards the desk near the entrance and stared at the man who pointed at him.
“Lately, a few demons lurk around Draf and killed the workers who guard the water seal. If you really a good man get rid of those culprits,” The customer added. At the meantime,
“Hey, any metal stock around your town’s new mine?” A few co-workers of Orkaf had some chatter with him at the desk near the bartender.
“The officers said that we are approaching the three suspected huge metal blocks buried around the mine. Those metal blocks are owned by the government so if we discovered them we are obligated to hand them. But they said that ‘we’ll be paid some compensation’,” He drank a glass of water.
“I guess we’ll be paid at most 1500 Gleds,”
“Perhaps even Ancrast get that amount as well,”
“That rich guy must be pissed off if he gets that much of money,” They all laughed together, but quickly sighed after a few seconds. “Yeah, I want to tell you that I won’t be around here for long,”
“Cos’ I’ll help out a chosen one,”
“Go for it, pal!” At the meantime, at the first floor,
“Hey, want some spare parts for your weapons?” An old man with long, white beard sat at the center and yelled at everyone. A red, big treasure chest shaped box was seen on the ground. Everyone ignored him as their weapons are in good condition.
“Do you have a rod grip?” Tefia asked him, knowing that he is desperate to get money.
“Yes,” He opened the box. “What kind of grip pattern you would want?”
“I think I’ll take this,” She took a rod grip with a cross shape pattern and attached it onto her ifnarisis.
“20 Gleds, miss,” He spoke with a weak tone.
“Keep the charge,” Tefia gave him a 50 Gled bank note and went down the stairs. At the meantime,
“Hey, want drink with us?” A few knights having some rest yelled at Meltine.
“Yes, only if you tell me what’s happening lately,” She winked at them, knowing what to do.
“There are demons around Draf town, and a lot more at the northern areas beyond here. If you are to proceed to the north, please be careful. A lot of travelers like you were raped and killed for reasons unknown,”
“So, the deep grounds are now invaded by demons, I think?” She drank a cup of tea.
“Yes, be careful. And good luck,” They teleported themselves away. The day is yet to finish….


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