Route of Earth(Path 5-Backtrack)

After a few minutes, they left the bar and walked away from the lift.
“So, what is your plan?” Orkaf asked everyone.
“I think we should go back to Draf,” Lefio answered him.
“Draf, the port town? Why?” Orkaf felt weird of his answer.
“Demons lurk there and killed a few guards. I just wondered if they are moving south and trying to locate you,” Lefio asked Tefia.
“That may be one of the possibilities. My town hasn’t get attacked by demons yet,” Tefia felt suspicious of what he had said. She knew that the demons have other agendas. “Let’s go. We have to help them out somehow,” He walked towards the tunnel, branching out from the tunnel connecting Lin and the city. The others quickly followed her.
One day later, they arrived at the port town of Draf. The port area is located underwater with its facilities located in the sea as well. The houses are located in the deep grounds with the houses are arranged in 3×3 house blocks. They are all painted green, perhaps to make the houses recognizable in the brown surroundings. Suddenly, a few odd noises were heard.
“Help me!” A man was yelling loudly that a faint sound was heard by them.
“That man needs some help,” She equipped herself with an oxygenator suit and ran towards to a magic circle at the east side. The others were simply waiting as they don’t have such equipments. She stood on the magic circle and she got teleported into the sea. She was shocked when an unarmed man was beaten by a skeleton.
“Now you show yourself up, eh. Now it’s time to beat you into lumps of meat!” It took out a bone with 1 meter long and dashed to its front, pointing the bone towards Tefia while shooting a few pieces of bone plates.
“I guess you haven’t known anything about me yet,” She charged her ifnarisis with photons and shot a few laser beams, crushing the bone plates. She stood still, waiting for it to approach her.
“!” Just when it came close and swung its bone, attempting to knock her out, she held her ifnarisis in a reverse formation and stabbed through the bone and its chest plate. It was turned into dusts.
“Hang in there, mister,” She swam towards the beaten man and healed him.
“Oh, thanks miss. This skeleton has beaten up a few of my coworkers to death. I guess the demons are trying to find something. As a token of gratitude, I have a rumor for you,” He tidied his messy clothes. “I heard that lots of demons are gathering near Estranaf,” He whispered at her, knowing that demons may eavesdropping this conversation.
“I bet that is the den of the demons and there is something that they think I should not lay hands of it. Thanks for the information,” She swam back to the deep grounds. The others were waiting for her near the tunnel.
“So, any news about demons?” Lefio and Meltine spoke the same thing at the same speed. They suddenly blushed for a few seconds.
“Estranaf is now plagued with demons. I afraid that we have to use the Laber (names after the one who dig the tunnel) tunnel if we want to go faster,” Tefia cleaned her ifnarisis as she was speaking.
“That is very risky, but I guess this is a good way to thrash more demons,” Orkaf took out his doktionas. “Let’s bust it in!”
“Yeah, those demons need a painful lesson after all,” Meltine took out her machetes and rushed inside. The others quickly followed her. The first onslaught against demons shall start….


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