Route of Earth(Path 6-Tunnel Storm Part One)

The Laber tunnel was very dark, as the demons covered it with dark aura, making it looked narrower than usual. Faint sounds were heard along the tunnel, perhaps Tefia and the others were running in the tunnel. A few hours later, they were blocked by a minotaur.
“How dare you trespassing our territory! Get ready for you flight to the afterlife!” It took out a double I (an alloy made of 50% iridium and 50% indium) claw hammer with polycarbonate handle. The weapon is one meter long, somewhat longer than the usual length of 75 centimeters.
“I guess you are turning into dusts!” Orkaf suddenly hasten his dash and charged his dokitonas. As both weapons clash, the hammer was knocked back and hit its body, slamming him onto the ground.
“Aaaaaah!” Meltine charged her machetes and jumped, attempting to stab it from above, yet it suddenly jumped backwards, kicking her. She hit the ceiling and smashed the ground. She quickly stood up and threw them towards it.
“Double attack trick? I’ll let you taste this!” Just when she attempted to kick it from behind, it teleported itself to her back and she was kicked instead. The machetes slashed her arms, rendering her unable to attack. She fell onto the ground and unable to stand up, despite she healed herself.
“You goddamned demon!” Lefio took out his halberd and threw it in a projectile motion. It quickly jumped to take the weapon, but at the moment its hands touched the halberd,
“….” Tefia teleported beneath it, charged her ifnarisis with photons and shot a laser blast on him, holding her weapon as if she was holding a laser cannon upwards. It was tuned into dusts, but suddenly an identical minotaur appeared.
“Don’t you sense that it is merely a doppelganger?” It created two plane barriers and teleported everyone, leaving it and Tefia between the barriers. They were too strong that the others’ attack could not even scratch them.
“I thought demons are not honorable, but I guess your target is merely me. Get ready and fight me!” She charged her ifnarisis with electrons, waiting for his move. It was standing still, knowing that any moves will definitely making it injured. It charged itself with dark aura and emitting dark waves everywhere.
“If this is what you want, I guess I have to entertain you somehow,” She stabbed her ifnarisis onto the ground, absorbing some of the dark aura. She held the weapon reversely and a part of the rod turned into a segmented whip.
“!” Just when she started to swing it, it teleported to her back, attempting to knock her back using its hammer but the whip turned to her back, hitting it. It was smashed to the wall to his right and fainted. She dashed away from it as she is taking a defensive strategy. She quickly discharged the dark aura between the barriers.
“I guess you are forcing me, or I should say, lure me to attack,” She charged her ifnarisis with ice aura and shot a few ice spikes. They were shot as if they were shot from a gun rather than a rod.
“Ha, you are smart enough to prevent a counterattack, but not smart enough to kill me!” It suddenly recovered itself as it faked its fainting and knocked the ice spikes back to her. She dodged them and stood still. It charged its hammer with earth aura and smashed the ground. Rock spikes suddenly struck up from the ground, almost hitting her who jumped away from it.
“Is that all?” She jumped to his above just when it smashed the ground for the second time. The spike pierced through it and turned it into dusts. They quickly rushed forward, but they don’t know that a demon is following from back….


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