Route of Earth(Path 7-Tunnel Storm Part Two)

After another few hours, it was evening and they decided to stop for a while and rest. A demon which was following them stopped as well. After another 30 minutes, just when they decided to continue moving forward,
“You are not reaching to our place!” A vampire suddenly dashed though them, scratching their arms using the claws on his hands. He was not visible due to the darkness. They quickly healed themselves and cast sunlight on themselves. Lights were illuminating the tunnel, with the magic circles floating near the ceiling, which were disabled earlier due to the dark aura. He was still invisible, except that his claws were exposed outside of his dark brown cape, which covered his whole body. His feet were even not touching the ground.
“You…how can you do this?” Lefio was shocked at his elevation ability,
“Don’t get tricked by his equipment!” Tefia held her ifnarisis, pointing the tail blade downwards and slashed the magic circle. They were dissipated, instead of breaking into pieces. He stepped onto the ground, with his dark aura flowing everywhere, returning the tunnel back into the darkness. Knowing trying to light up the tunnel again is useless, they quickly cast illumination on themselves, but the spell could not be cast.
“No one can shed light around me!” He dashed towards Lefio and scratched his black painted platinum armor. Despite the claws were not penetrating the armor, the force was felt and Lefio ended up getting a stomachache.
“You are wrong, demon! I can even make you emit light!” Meltine charged her machete on her right hand with photons and threw it towards him. He strafed to his left and jumped towards her.
She saw a faint light spot on his cape and threw it towards the spot. Knowing that place is the weak spot, he teleported himself to Orkaf’s back.
“As I expected!” Orkaf charged his doktionas, with the weapon being held horizontally and turned around, cutting the claws. He quickly restored the claws and teleported himself away.
“Don’t let down your guard. That vampire will return and make a sudden attack on us,” She changed the ruby on her ifnarisis into sapphire and shot a few water blasts on the ceiling. Water drops were dropping from it, making everyone wet. A few seconds later,
“Your sensing ability is great. But if you think this turns me into dusts, this is a big joke!” He ran through the wet grounds, with the silencer barrier covering him.
“I can still sense you as long as water exists!” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with electric aura and shot an electric spark on his head from the sapphire on the weapon. He made a few wall jumps, dodging the electric sparks. Suddenly, Tefia dashed to her front, pointing the tail blade frontward and stabbed him. It hit the faint light spot, but only the cape was destroyed, revealing his black 35% polyester and 65% cotton suit. Her neck was grabbed tightly.
“!” Just when he attempted to stab his claws, Orkaf charged his dokitonas with metal aura and stabbed it onto the ground. A silver spike pierced through his body and he was turned into dusts.
“You owe me one, you know!” Orkaf laughed with an opened big mouth.
“This will pay you, arrogant one!” She threw a green pea into his mouth, almost choking him. He coughed a few times, but suddenly he felt energized. “To specifically calling out a silver spike consumes a lot of energy, you know,”
“Let’s go. More demons will show up if we stay here. We can’t afford to delay our progress,” Lefio suddenly ran and the others quickly followed him. Another enemy will block them later on….


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