Route of Earth(Path 8-Tunnel Storm Part Three)

As the night draws close, they still continued running, as if their muscles are infinitely full of strength. After another few hours of running, they were exhausted and decided to sleep. The next morning, they woke up and continued the run, but after an hour a hollow stopped them. The black aura forming its body looked like a human shaped crystal.
“With those dudes gone, I have to stop you myself. Get prepared!” It took out a pair of mining axes and threw them. A plane of wind was formed between them, enlarging as the mining axes were pushed away to the walls by the wind.
“Such dirty tricks…I can’t forgive you,” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with electric aura and dashed towards the mining axes. Stabbing the mining axe at her left, they both spun and left opening at the left and right. She jumped to her left, sensing some sort of odd strategy.
“Aaaaaaah!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with wind aura and suddenly the head was launched, knocking the wind back to him.
“Now I see. Get ready for the fighting show of torture!” He took back the mining axes and threw them again. This time, a spherical wind was formed instead, making the previous strategy unusable.
“You think this really works?” Meltine threw a machete upwards while charging her fists with wind aura. The helical trail of wind aura flowed through her hands vigorously. After a few seconds, she punched it and it moved like a small tornado, with strong winds forcing them to squat. Both attacks cancelled each other and the weapons were teleported back to their respective owners.
“Who is this saint, really? This girl is indeed a unique one,” Lefio was surprised by the attack, but he quickly dashed towards the hollow, which appeared doing nothing, perhaps he was waiting for a deadly counterattack.
“I guess this is totally bad, but it can’t be helped,” Its hands turned into pyramid shaped pike and they were scratched on the ground, forming unknown sparks moving towards him. After a few seconds, the sparks suddenly explode, injuring and stunning him.
“Watch out!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with light aura and threw it beneath Lefio’s crotch. It suddenly gave a bright flash, which it was surprised. Lefio quickly charged his feet with water aura and kicked it.
“Electric ignalial!” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with electric aura and cast the spell. A magic circle appeared beneath its legs, striking an electric spark upwards. It was electrocuted, yet he was far away from turning into dusts. He launched the pikes while reforming his hands, piercing through Lefio’s body.
“I guess this is the end of you,” The hollow dashed towards Lefio, attempting to knock him out, but suddenly,
“You are not hurting him!” Meltine took the pikes and stabbed it. It was unharmed, but he was pushed 10 meters backwards. She healed him and continued to dash towards it.
“Sorry, but the pleasure is mine,” Orkaf teleported to its back and knocked the doktionas , making it fell onto the ground. Meltine gave an evil smile, charged another machete of hers with wood aura and bicycle kicked it. The weapon pierced through it, turning it into dusts.
“Ha, the finisher is mine!” She picked up her weapon and winked at him.
“Urrrgh….” He walked back towards Lefio. “Are you alright?”
“Thanks to that pretty saint over there my damage is reset to zero,” Lefio blushed slightly and looked away from her.
“Hey, who are you to call me pretty, huh?” She was blushing as well.
“Let’s go. We can’t afford to delay anything,” This time, Tefia dashed forward in front of others. Another demon is going to block them….


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