Route of Earth(Path 9-Tunnel Storm Part Four)

After another few hours of dashing, a gargoyle appeared in front of them.
“Don’t ever think about passing further!” It charged itself with ice aura and flew past them, damaging everyone with its wings. A hole was appeared at the middle of her ifnarisis while a magic circle appeared in front of the weapon. Tefia inserted a few spherical gun bullets in it and the hole was closed. She held the rod like a rocket launcher while aiming it, which was flying around to cool down its wings.
“Let me aid you,” Lefio took out his axe halberd, charged it with air and water auras and threw it, missing it at purpose but near to it. Moisture was formed around its wings without its realization and it was flying slowly to the ground, making her aiming easier. After a few seconds later, she charged the bullets with electric aura and shot them on it.
“And plus this!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with rock aura and graphite was formed covering it. He threw the weapon upwards and kicked it by jumping and hitting it using his right heel. Both attacks hit, with doktionas pierced its wings, making the electrocution more severe. It was turned into dusts, but the dust reformed and it was revived quickly.
“If you think this is sufficient to permanently kill me, you are wrong,” It charged its wings with ice aura and launched a few slash waves towards them.
“Curse you!” Meltine charged her machetes with fire aura and connected them using a stainless steel pole. She dashed to the others’ front, swung it vertically and kicked it. A circular fire was covering the ‘temporary lance’ and blocked the slash waves away. The weapon continued to move. Knowing the heat will kill it, it charged itself with ice and wind auras. After a few seconds, it teleported to them and spun itself.
“Frost bite tornado…this gargoyle is definitely not an ordinary one…we are near to the den….” A tornado was formed and they were hurt. Lefio stood up and charged himself with fire aura. The heat drove it away, but not too far as it intended to kill them. He let the fire aura flow into his halberd.
“I must not reach them,” The gargoyle charged itself with more ice aura and launched ice spikes on them. They are large that they were unable to run past them. Lefio threw the halberd and it a “lark” was formed, melting the ice spikes on its way, but the water crystals were formed and continued to move towards them.
“Steam…yes, that’s it!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with fire aura and a hole was formed on the center of its head. He held it like a flame torch and launched fire blazes. The water crystals were tuned into steam and the attack was cancelled.
“Let’s finish this meaningless fight!” Meltine absorbed the machetes as steam aura in the weapons and dashed behind the halberd. The gargoyle teleported to her back, attempting to attack her, yet she turned around and spun like a ballet dancer. The machetes on his hands slash him repeatedly as if a hot metal piercing through. It was turned into dusts permanently.
“Phew…this is a good sign that we are near. I guess we should do something to surprise them,” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with light aura and launched a light blast with the diameter as large as the tunnel. Suddenly, faint noises of human breath were heard by Tefia.
“Looks like we have allies. Let’s aid them!” Meltine shouted and they quickly dashed to their front, hoping to reach the place before others do. The last “enemy” awaits them….


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