Route of Earth(Path 10-Tunnel Storm Part Five)

In front of the tunnel’s gate, which is the village’s south gate, a knight with gold plate armor and gold sword was standing. He felt sorrowful of what happened in the village, feeling unable to defend his hometown from demons. A few minutes later, Tefia and the others appeared in front of him.
“Who are you?” He pointed his sword on them. They were very sure that he is not a demon.
“Please, let us pass. We are saving the place beyond you,” Tefia told him with a begging tone.
“No. If I do that, this gate will open and I might end up releasing a few demons out. This gate has teleportation prevention seal,” He walked front a few steps.
“What if I say I am the chosen one?” Tefia raised her voice.
“Then prove to me that you are worthy to become one!” A barrier was formed, separating her from the others.
“I have no reason to fight you and your doings will delay our progress of getting rid of demons,” She took out her ifnarisis, knowing that the chance he will listen is slim.
“It is not a big matter about sooner or later. In fact, I can’t really trust your words since that you have a demon…and a saint? Whatever. Get ready!” He charged his sword with poison aura and stabbed it onto the ground. The ground turned from black into dark green in color, showing that poisonous liquid was formed. Tefia quickly cast restore and the poison was disappeared.
“I guess only my rod can make you trust me. You leave me no choice,” She charged her rod with fire aura, pointed the tail blade on him while holding near to the ruby and launched a 50 centimeter long part of the weapon on him, as if she was launching a lance from cannon.
“That’s right. I’d rather block away good ones than allowing demons escape from here and wreak havoc in southern cities!” He charged his sword with water aura and swung his sword as if he was swinging a squash racket, reflecting the attack back on her at the same pathway. Yet, a small hole was formed on the central blade due to the impact with the tail blade earlier.
“Thank you. But I must defeat you,” She jumped and attached the part back to her ifnarisis. She kept it into her dimensional storage and took out a pair of bamboo staffs, which were one meter in length. She charged it with acid aura and dashed towards him.
“Bring it on!” He launched a few slash waves towards her, attempting to cut the staffs, yet they were too strong that only a few faint lines were visible, not even penetrating the weapons. Just when she came close, she stabbed him a few times before knocked him towards the gate. He smashed the gate, yet he was only slightly injured, perhaps due to the good durability of his armor.
“What is this kind of defense?” She took out her ifnarisis again and charged it with photons, but after a few seconds,
“Enough of this meaningless battle!” A woman wearing titanium thread robe with purple long hair and orange iris appeared. She pinched his arms and stomach and he yelled loudly. “Sorry for misbehavior of this useless knight. Please come with me,” She opened the gate and they all went inside. They were yet to arrive into the village.
“I know this is illegal, but we are forced to push this gate 1 kilometer away from the original entrance to prevent demons from lurking around. Now we need your help to exterminate a few demons that keep sending demons to us,” She added while they were walking into the village. They will have break….


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