Route of Earth(Path 11-Break)

The Estranaf village is merely a small village, but it is quite crowded with travelling vendors selling lots of things everywhere, since that this village is the only settlement at the central area of Krai. Some even didn’t have place to sit so they merely stand while hanging a signboard showing they are doing business. Oddly, there were only 10 wooden houses in this village with 1 hectare of village area, which means the travelers “plagued” the place. Apparently there were no demons in the village, yet faint sounds of people telling about people getting killed by demons were heard.
“Sorry for such…well…I don’t know what to say. This village is the spot for travelers to stop when people move between the east and the west. Let’s go inside,” The knight told them as they arrived at his house, 200 meters from the actual entrance. The interior designs are simple, from wooden desk and chairs, stainless steel kitchen to a wooden bed. “Sorry for making you sit on the floor. Usually we don’t have visitor to the houses.
“Never mind. We can accustom ourselves after all,” Tefia waves her hand in protest.
“Good. I’m too inpatient to kill those bastards after all. Everyday there are demons lurking around here, which the footsteps were always coming from there,” She pointed at a tunnel which leads to the capital. “I wondered if that place is plagued by the demons, because recently no one was able to enter the capital and forced to travel using the old tunnel. Perhaps the capital’s people are now fending off the demon right now,”
“If this is the case, I think it is useless to wait until night and kill them because I think they will keep sending people here,” Lefio stood up and walked out from the house.
“If that’s the case, I guess you better go now. We can’t afford to have more casualties,” The golden knight suddenly stood up.
“Great. Lets’ go,” Tefia and the others walked out from the house, searching for Lefio.
“It’s 2-3 days from here and we haven’t getting any supplies yet, so I think we better supply ourselves,” Lefio was looking at the traveler’s box of various travelling vendors. Lots of weapon parts were available for sale, even the rare and obscure ones. “Maybe this will aid her…” He bought a few machete hilt grips. Meltine’s face turned dark red in a sudden upon looking at the parts he bought.
“I know what you feel. Go on. Don’t hide your feelings,” Tefia pushed her with brute force and almost bumped up with Lefio.
“Ummm…thank you,” Meltine avoided his sight. Lefio took her hands, opened her fists and put the grips onto her hands.
“You tend to slip your weapon backwards. I guess you need this as well,” He handed a bottle of sweat absorbing talcum powder to her and walked past her.
“Give me your halberd when you need some repairs. I think your halberd don’t need anything, I think,” She smiled while walking beside him.
“Well, I don’t think your ifnarisis and my doktionas will have suitable parts. Wait…maybe I can get a better head and a high grade ruby,” Orkaf walked away from everyone and bought the parts.
“Ruby…hey, get me a sapphire, topaz, and jade of the same grade!” Tefia yelled at him. He nodded and walked around to get a few of them. After they made a few minor adjustments, they started to walk into the tunnel and ran. At the meantime, if front of the eastern gate of Kiersk, the capital of Krai,
“So, what do you think? I guess we should stop that modus operandi,” A vampire was asking a vulture.
“Definitely. The chosen one is our upmost priority. Send the elite squad to the tunnel and the rest fend of this castle while eliminating any resistance!” It flapped its wing and the vampire was teleported away. The tunnel storm resumes….


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