Route of Earth(Path 12-Tunnel Storm Part Six)

As they rushed inside the tunnel leading to the capital, faint sounds of running steps were heard, alerting the demons who were guarding the tunnel. As they heard some unknown orders, they were teleported away and an elite demon group was guarding instead. The tunnel was too dark, as, even darker than that of the Laber tunnel, forcing them to cast sunlight on themselves to increase visibility The granite walls seemed quite weak as the mud are everywhere, perhaps the demons making the places wet to allow detection of trespassers. After half a day of rushing, another hollow appeared in front of them. It was white colored, which is a rarity among the hollows.
“So, you are the chosen one. I will not allow you to pass!” He took out a chain whip and swung it randomly. Tefia charged her ifnarisis with electric aura and shot a few electric balls on the chain, yet they were hit away without any electrocution on the hollow. A barrier was visible on the chain.
“I guess magic is useless against you!” Lefio dashed through the chain while dodging its attacks and slashed its head, yet it merely moving through without any damage. The hollow swung its chain and he ended up tied along with his halberd. He charged his halberd and a slash wave suddenly destroyed the chain, as if it was formed from Lefio’s hands. Getting distracted by the weapon’s destruction,
“Take this!” Meltine and Orkaf charged their weapons with steam aura and threw them towards it. The weapons were still passing through its body while taking no damage. The hollow charged itself with acid aura and hydrochloric acid was formed on their skin, damaging them while dealing excruciating pain on them.
“Feeling tortured already? What if I make it stronger?” It charged itself with more acid aura and the acid changed into sulfuric acid. The damage and the pain escalated and the fell down onto the ground.
“Is this all?” Tefia charged herself with alkali aura to neutralize the acid, yet the pain is still there as the heat of neutralization burned her skin. She quickly charged herself with water aura and she was able to stand up. The others quickly followed suit.
“Tch…you think this is the end?” He charged himself with acid aura again and this time, acid was dripping from the ceiling. They quickly protected themselves by casting acid barrier on themselves.
“Easy job, easy done,” Orkaf charged his doktionas with alkali aura and dashed towards it. Knowing alkali can harm it; it made a wall kick and kicked his head, making his neck bones twisted. Yet, he made himself fall onto the ground and cut its feet. It teleported itself away and restored its feet.
“This is your punishment for your evil doings!” Meltine charged herself with alkali aura and cast alkali sink on it. A spherical barrier was formed around the hollow and sodium hydroxide was filling it.
“You…you…I won’t forgive this!” He was turned into dusts as the solution fills the barrier.
“We have not much time. We must go at once!” Tefia yelled at them as she rushed further in. The others quickly followed her. At the meantime, in the Tryol castle of Kiersk,
“There is an emergency, lord Ksigra (pronounced as sai-gra)!” A bat yelled at it.
“What is it?” It stood up and walked towards it.
“The northern and southern sections’ defenses were collapsed and the soldiers were attacking the eastern and western sides!” The bat’s loud voice seemed showing its anxiety.
“What? All units defend this castle at all costs!” Ksigra yelled loudly so that everyone in the castle can hear it. They quickly rush outside and made up resistance. There is little time left for them….


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